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  1. I can't believe the number of posts requesting Import/Export of ID files. They obviously know this is an important feature for us. They acknowledge that it is being worked on and even gave us a pretty positive response in terms of when we can expect to see the import part of it. I am scratching my head at the number of people acting disappointed... If InDesign is a critical part of your daily work and you require these very specific capabilities this product may not be a smart move for you to consider as it is in the beta phase of development. The bottom line is you are no worse off today than you were prior to this beta being released. Keep paying Adobe for now... I'm pretty sure they will still take your subscription money. I am finding the beta amazing. I have not done any print testing as yet. If this program can print what I layout as I expect it to be printed I am all done with Adobe. The only reason I didn't switch from InDesign is because of printing issues. InDesign is an amazing and complicated program. It took many years to get to the level it is at. Let us enjoy the beta journey instead of coming up with unrealistic demands of what it must do for us today. If you require InDesign accept it... That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the process of getting a replacement in the future. I am so grateful for these products as they truly allow me to have solid well-designed software at great prices. Adobe wants me to make a car payment sized bill every month. I do simple work that requires software that can handle what I throw at it. Serif has been a true gift for me. Adobe can kiss my Butt... I am finding it amazing... Keep up the great work guys.
  2. I have played around for only a few minutes so far. Wow... a lot to take in! Love the consistency in the UI. I would like to see additional samples added. I only was able to grab the amazing 65 page sample. I would like to see some samples that are more specialized and much smaller to demonstrate this beauty. Thank you for letting me play!
  3. Thank you very much Coranda!! Your demonstration completely went over my head. I am essentially a noob who tinkers here and there with protoshop to prepare pictures for a website. I basically don't understand how the adjustment works in AP. I was able to get enough clues from what you did in the tutorial to get some success. I am very grateful for your help. The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing. Wish I could buy you a beer.
  4. It has been a feature in PS forever. I use very little of the features that photoshop offers. This is the only thing that is must have for me because of my workflow. If anybody can help me figure this out it would be appreciated. I can't get rid of Adobe fast enough...
  5. Thank you for the reply coranda. It is not the same though. It is an important feature for me. I am hoping there is a way to do this in AP. I have tried various things but can't find anything that works.
  6. I am looking for a feature that allows for Blending if Gray. If working in photoshop you double click the layer you are working on in the layers panel and a panel opens for layer styles. In the center of the panel towards the bottom there are sliders that allow you to blend grays away. It is very handy when I work with various glassware. As an example if a drinking glass is photographed on a white background and I move the sliders the white will just vanish leaving the glass only. Is there a way to do this in AP? I find the blend options you describe but there is no way to blend for grays. Your choices are Master, Red, Green and Blue. Thank you in advance for any help with this.
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