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  1. I brought this up quite emphatically early on, and am a bit surprised it hasn't been implemented yet. Will it ever be? I was hoping this could replace PS for prepress work, but I'm forced to hang on to Adobe. I would get the new publishing program as well, but not until I can create proper ink channels.
  2. silvergelatin

    Prepress Features

    I'm still not seeing ink setups (duotone, tritone, etc). I'd like to start using Photo in a pro prepress environment and get off of Adobe, so can you let me know if these features are coming soon? Thanks.
  3. EDIT: Never mind! I just realized that I should have been using the Inpainting tool to do what I want. DIsregard.
  4. silvergelatin

    Actions in Photo?

    Holy crap, I can't believe I didn't notice that was missing! This is definitely one of my use-everyday PS features. I do all of my resizing for the web at different resolutions in PS using actions so I can control sharpening, color conversions, bit depth mode, etc. Yeah, this is a big one.
  5. One thing I use constantly in Photoshop is the lovely, magical F button. I can go between the three screen modes and (here's the important part...) assign a different background color to each. I use grey, black, and white, and I consider this necessary for proper placement of shadows and highlights. Can this be implemented in Photo? The preferences menu's bg grey level is too tucked away - it needs to be quick to compare appearances instantly. Thanks!