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  1. Still no Pantone duotone/tritone setup?
  2. Still not seeing the ink setup for duotone/tritone/custom press printing. This is core professional functionality and should be prioritized over special effects. If it's there, it's not obvious. Please help me get off Adobe!!! :) Thanks.
  3. I'm still not seeing ink setups (duotone, tritone, etc). I'd like to start using Photo in a pro prepress environment and get off of Adobe, so can you let me know if these features are coming soon? Thanks.
  4. Did the new update add duotone capability? I saw the Pantone feature, but did not see a duotone building interface. Congrats on the award and the success of this app :). Any word on the InDesign replacement yet?
  5. It would be nice to have the option to skip the adjustment layer panel on the side and just do plain old destructive edits. I prefer to work this way and never use layers, as I find it cumbersome. Also, the History feels a little weird. It would be great to have a context menu on the history states to allow deleting, as well as an "original" initial state.
  6. Also, can you populate the image size when resample is unchecked on the doc size thing? For example, I have a high res image and want to know the max size I can print at 300dpi. Can't find that out easily in one step like I can in PS. We're getting into little things now, but they all count.
  7. One more: Can we get a "fit image" option on export? PS has this under the automate menu, and LR has it on export as "width & height", I think. Basically set a max value for height AND width, so horizontal and vertical images won't all be forced to the same height or width. For example, I can set vertical images to 600px high, and horizontals to 600px wide. This will come in very handy when the Macro persona is ready :), but I suppose in the meantime, it would make for one less preset!
  8. Small thing, but something I do a lot: can you make it so dragging from one image to another works, rather than having to do a fancy copy/paste?
  9. EDIT: Never mind! I just realized that I should have been using the Inpainting tool to do what I want. DIsregard.
  10. silvergelatin

    Actions in Photo?

    Holy crap, I can't believe I didn't notice that was missing! This is definitely one of my use-everyday PS features. I do all of my resizing for the web at different resolutions in PS using actions so I can control sharpening, color conversions, bit depth mode, etc. Yeah, this is a big one.
  11. Thanks for the roadmap and all of the hard work! The app is great so far. i'm especially happy to see the pro printing features on there, as they are very important (don't forget duo/tritone/custom ink mode!). Everyone has a different workflow and needs, but for me here are the priorities. This is coming from someone who is editing scanned images for export to web and to print (cmyk press, not a home printer). -Blemish tool needs to act more like the PS spot healer. Currently it tends to move the dust spots around if the pen is dragged. The PS version is much more forgiving. This is my most used tool, as I must dust spot high volume print scans, which are always filthy no matter how much you wipe that scanner glass. -I made a post about this one earlier: rapid UI background color change. It is VERY useful to be able to see the image on black, then white, then grey without menu-diving. PS does this with the F button when changing fullscreen status. Shadows look very different on black vs white, etc. -Simpler crop like (sorry to compare again) the old pre-v6 PS crop tool. Just drag a box without the outer box thing hanging around. I'll think of more :).
  12. One thing I use constantly in Photoshop is the lovely, magical F button. I can go between the three screen modes and (here's the important part...) assign a different background color to each. I use grey, black, and white, and I consider this necessary for proper placement of shadows and highlights. Can this be implemented in Photo? The preferences menu's bg grey level is too tucked away - it needs to be quick to compare appearances instantly. Thanks!