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  1. It'd also be really nice if it could be set so that for sharp corners the image isn't stretched across the entire length of a segment when using stretch or fold (is there really any difference between these?), and instead was stretched only as far back as needed to wrap around the corner. At the moment you an resolve it by adding extra control points in, but for a lot of image based brushes like the one above you just don't want to hap pen and it can get tedious fixing it (not to mention you have to re-fix it every time you merge curves, because the ones you have added get removed).
  2. So this is pretty weird. Following the above I've noticed that if I rasterise a group, it can go really screwy, blurring and sometimes darkening areas of the asset. However if I use rasterise and trim it works fine!
  3. I'm just uploading now. I had to ditch the upscaled version in the end. It did finally save, but it was just a portion of the 10mb file I've uploaded, yet scaling it up by 200% ballooned the file to 3.5gb! Which might explain why it took over two hours to save. I still have the same problems with the original file I have uploaded. I also have a weird issue where rasterising a large number of the grouped assets (rasterising the group for that one asset) changes the way it looks, sometimes drastically. It seems to get more blurred, as if the image had been shifted by a fraction of a pixel.
  4. Thanks I'll def upload it. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for it to finish saving! I do have a live box blur filter layer in each of the asset groups.
  5. I'm getting really slow performance in a file which has a lot of layers (its basically a bunch of assets with lots of layers making up each one). The file is around 3k x 8k (resized from 1.5k x 4k) pixels in total, but a lot of that is empty space. There are approx 100 assets each with about 6-10 pixel layers and 4 adjustment layers. Zoom and pan seems to work, but the screen takes ages to refresh beyond a blurry mess. Weirdly when I zoom and pan I often see parts of image showing as if they were from several actions ago... eg if I have moved something it will appear in the old position u
  6. Isolation could just be an additional function for the visibility in the layers panel which toggles off visibility all but the selected item (be it a layer, group, curve, whatever), and then toggle back to previous visibility settings. This would be more a layer panel feature than a groups feature, and be far more flexible than trying to address it via groups.
  7. Why: Vector brushes are great, but can be quite frustrating when using them for certain purposes, especially vector image brushes. Quite often you will have a nice image that you want to draw along the path, set up just how you want it... then Affinity goes and stretches it. This is particularly an issue when you are creating brushes that represent real things, like walls, or cliffs. You want a decent amount of variation and so need a decent length image to do so. It's fine if you are doing really long paths where the repeat is numerous and the stretch can be spread out, or have
  8. Oh, I see. That doesn't work for me, at least not with vector brushes (raster brushes are fine).
  9. So probably the same as me then. Vector brush pen pressure does work, but only if Windows Ink is enabled in the tablet driver. Seems wrong to me that AD would require Windows Ink to be turned on in the tablet driver if it is set to NOT use Windows Ink in the preferences.
  10. Just to add to this. The issue only affects vector brushes in AD. Raster brushes in pixel persona still register pressure.
  11. I did. I also tried using "pressure" as well just in case. It works fine so long as I have Windows Ink enabled in my tablet driver settings, whereas Affinity Photo works fine with it off. Does your tablet have Windows Ink enable (assuming it has a setting to turn it on or off)?
  12. It would be really handy for certain use cases if textured intensity and especially textured image vector brushes could be set to instead of trying to fit a whole number of repetitions within your line, just cut off the image wherever it happens to finish along a repetition. The stretching to fit can play merry hell when you have things like a rocky wall that you want to have a good level of variation (so a long image and repeat zone) but also look the same on all your linework regardless of length. Stretching can leave you with wildly different looking lines, especially on shorter ones
  13. Still the same on 1.9. Have to have Windows Ink enabled on my Huion tablet settings for pressure to work. This is weird given I have Designer "Tablet Input Method" set to use "low precision" and NOT "Windows Ink" in Designer. I really don't understand why my Huion tablet works fine in Affinity Photo with windows ink turned off in the tablet settings, yet refuses to work in Designer with it off. Turning Windows Ink on in my tablet settings makes it work in Designer, irrespective of what I have "Tablet Input Method" set to. Feels like a bug to be honest.
  14. If you convert to curves and use node edit instead of transform, then the fill is maintained as originally placed. That's the only way I've found to maintain it without having to create a clipping layer for it I'm afraid. Bit of a pain tbh, especially as there is no way that I can see of inputting actual values for the image fill scale. It'd be nice to be able to lock the fill when transforming an object.
  15. Granted it's only temporary if you don't feel the need to keep the download. Some people will want to in case they ever need access to it without requiring it to be hosted on Serif's servers. It's obv a personal choice & subjective as to whether it's necessary, but I don't think keeping a copy of your purchased products for future installation is that unusual, or excessive, behaviour. Also still leaves the multiple installations for each program, which is arguably a bigger deal.
  16. So it seems that when you install assets, brushes, etc, they get lumped in to a single .propcol file in the relevant product appdata folder. So the location of the original download. This means you essentially are taking up twice the hard drive space. One for the download and once for the installation (assuming they are things you first downloaded to install). It gets worse if you have more than one product installed though, because they do not share an install. So if you have a download that can be used in all three programs then you have your original download, plus three separate i
  17. I have just updated to 1.9 and every time I try to either register or sign in (I've tried both options multiple tiles) affinity photo just closes and doesn't take me to the screen allowing me to complete the task. *update* I have tried adding exceptions to Defender's firewall and still no joy. I still can't use the My Account feature as it just closes the program. The same problem occurs in Designer and Publisher.
  18. Clear history would still be really nice though, as it would allow clearing the history from memory whilst working on a doc to help performance.
  19. Layer previews/thumbnails do not update whilst you have an active selection.
  20. Thumbnails for layers do not update if you have a selection active.
  21. Was hoping to do the same. Photo's export persona doesn't allow you to set up different layer visibility configurations for batch exporting, which is a real pain, and the only way around this seems to be artboards.
  22. Most photoshop plugins that can find seem to now be in .zxp format... so it seems like Affinity Photo's use of Photoshop plugins is gonna be pretty limited.
  23. Yeah, me too. If you use Perlin Noise for a bunch of different layers they all look the same unless you go through and manually adjust them all by rotating or otherwise distorting them. It's a big faff and totally unnecessary. Which is also what the lack of tileable perlin noise is too.
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