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  1. Hi @ChrissMario We have been unable to recreate the issue so far. We are looking for steps to reproduce it so we can pass it on to the development team and they can reproduce it 100% too. So far we have only had reports of it happening but not of what triggers it. Next time it happens can you have the following questions in mind when it first starts, then come back here to answer them for us please? 1. What specifically are you doing when this issue first starts? 2. When it's happening, if you was to open a Safari window does it still happen in Safari? 3. Does doing a Soft Reset - "Turning it off and back on again!" fix that instance of the problem?
  2. Hi @csikwuamaesi Do you know what you were doing when / before you noticed the files had moved? You can click "Remove Folder" for anything that is in your templates storage that shouldn't be there.
  3. @Anouk I'm sorry to hear that. Do you remember what you were doing when / before you noticed they had disappeared?
  4. HI @Paul Marchant Welcome to the Affinity forums. Without looking at the Publisher document I can only assume that it is an issue with the font. I've just pasted your text from my browser into Publisher myself and I can see the quote marks in all of the fonts I have tried. Are you able to upload the Publisher document and also the word document so that I can take a look for you? I could provide a dropbox folder link if you don't want to upload it publicly.
  5. Hi @csikwuamaesi As @walt.farrell said above - can you show us what this refers to by providing a description of the issue and some steps to recreate it too please? If you could upload a video showing the steps and the result that would be a big help.
  6. @KeithG34 My colleague suggested that doing the full event viewer might shed some light on the issue. You have also removed one of the versions of Designer since you did the first partial event viewer so it will be good to see if anything has changed. We have also become aware of a known issue that was caused by the Windows 10 October 2020 update and the full event viewer report should be able to rule that out too.
  7. @polochon Ahh ok, glad it's all working ok for you now then. 👍
  8. Hi @Steve Rawson I've just had a quick try on a new document and haven't been able to recreate this issue. Is this document specific? Would you be able to upload a video of this happening and the document you are having issues with please? I can provide you with a dropbox folder link if you don't want to upload them publicly.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that @polochon I hope it wasn't too much work to reproduce. Could I take a look at the document? I'm interested to see what it's like. Would you like me to provide you with a dropbox folder link so you don't have to post it publicly?
  10. Hi @Rory Mole Sorry to hear you've been having issues with the section manager. I haven't been able to recreate this issue in Publisher Beta so could you upload a video of this happening in case I am missing some steps please? Is this an issue on all your documents or only with a specific document? If it is document specific can you also upload a document that is affected by this issue please? If you'd rather not upload your document publicly I can provide you with a dropbox folder link instead.
  11. Hi @Martin S Taylor Thanks for reporting this, I've been able to reproduce this crash and will get it logged and pass it on to the development team.
  12. Hi @max1josef Thanks for letting us know about this. I have managed to recreate this using your example file. The SVG is using paint-order attribute that specifies the order that the fill, stroke and markers of a given shape or text are painted. You can read about it here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Attribute/paint-order It's interesting to see that Firefox did render it correctly and it's listed as one of the compatible browsers. We are clearly not honoring the paint-order attribute on import so I will get that logged and passed on to the development team. Thanks 👍
  13. Yay, I got it @zimmt Thank you for persevering with me on this. I get the crash until I clear the print settings in TextEdit. Then it is all fine again. If, however, I use the print present from File 3 again the next document will crash until I clear it again. I have logged this and will pass on the information to the development team. 👍
  14. Hi @BertD It's always the way isn't it? Thanks for the update. I will get some files together with dartboards on and have a look. @zimmt Is it a combination of artboards and print settings as I've tried on my work Mac and haven't reproduced it yet? I must be missing something in the settings.
  15. Hi @Anouk I'm sorry to hear you've lost some of your work. Can you tell me if the file is still open? When you spotted the pages had disappeared did you by any chance click Undo to see if you could recover them that way?
  16. Hi @thomaso & @MoM-digital Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. I'm going to do a little investigating and will get back to you. Thanks for your patience.
  17. Hi @Gavin Webb Thanks for updating us, I'm glad you found a compatible app to use. 👍
  18. Thanks for the update @polochon. I'm glad a restart has helped. Let me know if it does come and you have repeatable steps for the issue. 👍
  19. Hi @polochon Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Could you upload a video of this happening please? Could you also include your crash report? I am just going to set this up on my Sierra iMac and am wondering if there is anything specific I need to do to recreate it.
  20. Hi @ArisC Welcome to the Affinity forums! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this too. When it happens next can I ask you to do a soft reset "Turning it off and back on again!" as we're had reports that this works. If you don't have any luck with this could you give us more details please? I've only had this happen to me on one occasion now and it seemed to be battery related. When my pen battery dropped to 40% this kicked in. If I charged the pen it stopped happening. So if the soft reset doesn't fix it for you can you answer these questions please? 1. What were you doing when it started? 2. What percentage is your pen battery? 3. What happens if you charge your pen when this is happening? Does this fix it?
  21. You're most welcome, I hope the rest of your day is fabulous. 🌈 I will recreate the workflow you mentioned above and get back to you on whether there is a better way or not. 👍
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