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  1. +1 To saving an interface layouts. Adding to that, sharing the layouts in round-tripping. If I set up my interface in Photo with a bunch of my palettes on my second monitor I would also like it if that information was a global pref that Publisher can read. It's annoying when I'm in Publisher and I click on the Photo button and all of my palettes that were arranged with care are no longer in place. I'm back to the default UI for Photo.
  2. +1 to Affinity "Animator". I use After Effects ALL the time and it would be great if Affinity added a timeline to Photo with key framing. I so want to get away from the Adobe camp. If "Animator" had the same round-tripping like publisher you guys could truly compete with Adobe. Or maybe it's not "Animator" maybe its Affinity "Editor". You can edit footage and have the ability to round-trip into Designer and Photo to create assets. One day we will have a real competitor to After Effects.
  3. Hi. I wanted to thank everyone working on the Affinity products for doing such great work. If I could, I would switch over to Affinity completely but I'm still reliant on a few Adobe apps to get my work done. I think what you have accomplished so far has blown away what Adobe has done in terms of work flow and I can't wait to see what new stuff you guys have brewing. You all have done some great work and even now with Covid impacting our lives you still manage to support your community. Keep the goodness rolling and I will continue to support Affinity products and try to get the rest of the wo
  4. Hi - I have been a long time user of adobe products, over 20 years, and am now trying to move over to Affinity products instead. One of my pain points is designing in Designer and bringing those assets into After Effects. The main feature I would like for Designer is to be able to set up layers in designer and have After Effects see them. In Illustrator I usually set up my animatable elements on separate layers so when I import the file into After Effects those layer will turn into AE layers. My current workflow is to create my design in Designer, export out as an EPS. Bring the EPS into
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