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  1. Thank you, yes I do save but probably not as often as i should. What I don't do is save as examples for use later.
  2. Thanks, this is helpful and I love the colour. The only thing I don't understand is the font size, Other than the TOC I find it difficult to read and the section on the bottom impossible. I know I would have a lot of complaints from my readers with this size font. I used to use A4 but have now change to 1200x1600 px with a DPI of 300, would this make the difference? Where I find the TOC difficult is that I get everything lined up, then realise I have an error, update and everything moves back to where it was and needs lining up and kerning again. You might be interested in this magazine, it provides a more comprehensive review of the books being published. The layout is more conventual, but a little boring!!! This is only it's second edition but it received over 2,000 hits. https://www.calameo.com/read/00560691063e7c89cd8b0
  3. Thanks, I will give it a try in the next one, I am hopeful to be able to get the December edition out by the end of January.
  4. Thank you for your input it is much appreciated, I will take your comments on board. As the magazine is digital and will never be printed, and many of our readers only pick up the link once so I try to make each article as distinctive and memorable as possible reflecting the work of the artist. The readership is world wide on pc's and laptop with some tablet and a few phones. Although this is slowly changing. Having said that can you advise me what size font I should be using - at the moment it is times new Roman 11 or equivalent ie Book Antiqua 10, Centry Schoolbook 10, & Dejavu Sands 9 Regarding the TOC I am never sure if the link should go to the article or to the Bio. When reading a piece by the artist I like to read about the artist first especially if i don't know the, but looking down a table of contents many people like to pick out the articles by people they know. can you advise please Yes, I will have to learn to be more diligent regarding presentation thanks your help
  5. Thank you for your suggestions. This magazine was designed to showcase our art to as many people as possible. It is to show that we are "not little old ladies sitting in the corner embroidering tray cloths" Embroidery and textile ore an art form at all levels.We are so pleased that this was picked up
  6. Hi. This is our latest magazine that was done completely in Publisher ( with a little help from the personas) Friends say that each of our issues is getting better seeing that all the articles and photos are the work of amateurs. Due to Covid, missed deadlines, and many other reasons, we got there in the end, over 180 pages !!!! I am still having problems getting the TOC right, it needs a lot of adjustments to get it to line up https://www.calameo.com/read/005606910c769823ec8c4
  7. I started producing this mag some years ago in Page plus then progressed to Scribus, Xara and now to Affinity. it is published on line and is free to view. SEW is a region of the embroiderers guild which is a charity. This is my first attempt with Affinity. It took me a while to get the hang of the persona and I still have a lot to learn but I found it very intuitive and and the design programme easy to use. The magazine is 246 pages with an appendix of 119. it is on our web site http://sewregionmagazin.com
  8. Thank you for your reply Due to the sensitivity of the document I have deleted the original but have re-generated one using fictitious names and addresses. On the original I produc ed in no "No Style" untitled.afpub
  9. I have managed to put a hyperlink over 4 cells in a table in Affinity publisher. How do I delete it?
  10. Thank you I think you are right about a bug I have been playing since and found that it always happens if adding "Before" but only sometimes if adding "after". as long as they are put in in strict order. All the masterpages are named. I have 24 files which will end up as 218 pages so a lot to move manually.
  11. When adding "Pages from file" how do i make the masterpage with the background stay at the bottom layer. It keeps going to the top.
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