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    Frisbee got a reaction from Pyanepsion in Affinity Publisher: Drop Caps, Small Caps   
    Je ne crois pas que ce soit un bogue (quelque chose qui empêche une action de se passer correctement) mais plutôt une approche trop puriste de Serif qui "rejette" temporairement, j'espère, les polices imparfaites ou incomplètes (qui ne possèdent pas les petites capitales, les exposants, les indices etc.), ce dont tous les autres éditeurs dignes de ce nom s'accommodent !
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    Frisbee reacted to Sonofwitz in Changing Master Page items to editable items   
    I'll second that. I'd expect to be able to right click the Page icon in Pages Studio and select Override All Master Items.
    An improvement over that would be to be able to override some specific Master page items instead of all of them. I suppose that would require making some way to select a Master item on a page it's applied to. Normally of course you can't select it.
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    Frisbee reacted to rpnfan in Create "object styles" -- in addition to text styles   
    Would be great to have some sort of style functionality for any objects (images, vector) inside Publisher. For example one could assign a style for a specific frame to image frames, and when the applied style would be changed all image frames would be updated accordingly in the whole document.
    AFAIK at the moment all elements are hard-formatted, except texts, right? This takes muuuuuch time, when updating a larger document with a different layout style.
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    Frisbee reacted to UkeyD in Export Text Only   
    I wondered if there was a way to export just the text from Affinity Publisher? Or if this is something that could be added to the programme? It would be good if I could send on my designs to web designers with a seperate file for the text from the document. 
    Thanks for your help
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    Frisbee got a reaction from Pyanepsion in incompatibility drop cap & small cap []   
    (I’m finally in the right forum!)
    Hello, when a drop cap is followed by one small cap (studio > character > typography > small caps)  or more (recommended use in french), some problems arise with many fonts: vertical shift of the drop cap, number of lines allocated to the drop cap, drop cap size, even when only one line is requested. Thank you (sorry for translation)
    Bonjour : quand une lettrine est suivie d'une petite capitale (studio > caractère > typographie > petite capitale) ou plus (usage conseillé en français), des problèmes se posent avec de nombreuses polices : décalage vertical de la lettrine, nombre de lignes allouées à la lettrine, taille de la lettrine, même quand une seule ligne est demandée. Merci

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    Frisbee reacted to Pyanepsion in Affinity Publisher: Drop Caps, Small Caps   
    I have created a Drop-caps paragraph style with a 4 line drop caps and in this Drop-caps paragraph, the first 3 words are in small capital letters.
    The drop caps always appears on 3 lines except when there is a curved apostrophe or a straight apostrophe, and then the drop caps appears on 4 lines... as I wanted.

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    Frisbee got a reaction from Pyanepsion in Affinity Publisher: Drop Caps, Small Caps   
    Hi everybody, I had the same bug with apub, posted 18 april, topic named :"incompatibility drop cap & small cap []
    Sorry, je continue en français ! D'autres captures d'écran sont disponibles dans le topic…Il n'y a pas que l'appostrophe qui permette ça, mais aussi [*-1!2,3éè('ç°] et bien d'autres caractères, je n'ai pas tout testé. Le problème apparaît quand la lettrine est suivie d'un caractère en petite capitale, ça dépend aussi des polices, des fois aucun problème. Avec XPress et ID c'est OK avec toutes les polices > le bug est dans apub, peut-être un correctif dans la version 2, ou 3…
    Bonne journée à tous
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    Frisbee got a reaction from jjk in interface readability   
    Is it possible to colorize the "Studio" tabs and sub-tabs for a better readability of the interface, for example…
    Est-il possible de coloriser les onglets et sous-onglets de "Studio" pour une meilleure lisibilité de l'interface, par exemple…

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