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  1. Why oh why is there no documentation? Other than the Mac menu help. Is this due to laziness ? How can one read documentation off line? This is a real PITA! Come on guys let's have some doc's in PDF or something.
  2. I would like to know why Affinity at @ 29.99 pounds $30+ American without any documentation other than Mac help, is a better choice than iDraw which has docs and costs less and seems to have more features. Any reasons why I should buy Affinity Designer? I believe this is a legitimate question to ask no offense intended. Also iDraw has an iPhone iPad app. and saves to iCloud like I believe does Affinity Designer. Thanks
  3. Cogs works a treat Thanks! This is why I need a Pdf Manual so I can read at night and away from my main computer on my iPod/iPhone.
  4. I tried text along path but using (I) but AD leaves a hole I can not fill.
  5. How would you make the minute marks for a clock face in Affinity Designer?
  6. So you can not place objects along a path? Like in Inkscape scatter extension?
  7. So you are saying work in points not pixels? So what size would you set to get an image 800 X 800 pixels? If using points? Thanks.
  8. Hi I'm uncle808us I just downloaded Affinity Designer a couple of hours ago. And I'm sold great app. PSD export imports into Gimp and Anime studio Pro 11 perfectly. This is a nice piece of software. I think you have a sale. Thanks
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