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  1. Hi, Just a quick question, there is an option to export to PNG, but is it PNG-8 or PNG-24 ? Because I can select the pixel format but only 8 or 16 so I'm not sure what to use. I'm used to Photoshop and export to PNG-24 for the web. Also for the resampler part, I have no idea what to use, Lanczos separated or not, bicubic.... Thanks
  2. Thanks it work ! One issue was that I had merged (plus sign) my two layer in one before doing that.
  3. Sorry if my question is stupid but I can't find how to do that. I have created 2 path (lines) and merge them in one layer, and now I want to connect one path to the other. So i take the Pen tool and try to go from the end of my first path to the end of the other one but when clicking on the node of the second one it select the node and do not create the join between them. Any idea ? Note : They are both red square. If I use "Close curve" it closes each path to a curve but not the 2 selected nodes.
  4. Thanks it works ! I must say the support is awsome. It's rare in this days and much appreciated. Nota : Is there a way to mark a topic solved ?
  5. Thanks for your answer I will make some tests but it looks you're right ^^ I was looking a the HEX value and not the CMYK value... I thought it was always the same but no. #7F0F0F and #801518 are both equal to CMYK 29-100-100-40... shame on me. I sent you an email with the file I need to export, I can't post it on the forum because it's for a client. I fixed the unwanted rasterized part by unchecking "rasterized unsupported properties" but still missing the background noise and shadow. So if you can explain me how to export the project to keep everything for my client, it would be nice. Thanks
  6. Also some of my colors changes when exporting to EPS and opening it again on AD or Illustrator. Attached : Example of colors issue. In AD the red is #7F0F0F and the grey #333333. But in the exported PDF it changes. test.pdf test.afdesign
  7. Hi, I'm used to send AI files to printers but now with AD I have some issues. A lot of my shapes are rasterized and all the noise effects on colors are gones. Can some of you share their settings / format for exporting (with no loss) ? Thanks !
  8. Thanks it's working now ! But I have "maybe" an issue with the update. When adding noise to a color and exporting with "Persona" to JPG the noise is not the same as in the preview. Can you have a look ? test2.afdesign
  9. Ok nice to know ! I'll wait for the update. The file is attached, it's just a basic test. When you're not zooming enough the snaping is not working. test.afdesign
  10. Thanks for your answers @MEB : I tried to enter 50%, 33%, etc in the "guides manager" but it always come back to the old mm value not calculating the percentage in mm from the document. It's not working with percent. It would be nice to be able to do that in percent like you said. @Ben : I start with a blank document, I just add 2 guides in the center. I create a rectangle shape and want it to snap the bottom left corner to the guides (document center). I've put the tolerance to 50, and the document is just an A4 in mm. I doesn't "snap" like we can see in AI or PS, but it just show a green line for the horizontal and a red line for the vertical to show me I'm align. But of course when releasing the mouse it must move and when zooming I see there is a gap. The only way is to zoom a lot on my document (2000%) to have the snapping effect. So yes it's working but only when you zoom a lot on large documents. So in fact it looks like it's working when zooming enough
  11. Hi, I don't understand, maybe I'm missing something, but when creating guides, shouldn't they snap to basic division values of the selected layer, like 50% height / width ? Each time I open a new document I need to manualy calculate the center, the 25% etc... It would be nice to have the guide snap on it's own. On the other hand, when creating a shape it doesn't snap to a guide but only give me green and red lines, there is not magnet system for the snap to avoid missing 0.2mm everywhere ? Thanks for the help
  12. Wow the forum is realy active ! Each time I ask something I have an answer, and a good one, in less than half an hour ^^ Nice community ;-) Great to see it will be on the next update. Nota : Is there a way to mark topic "resolved" ?
  13. Hi all, I'm using CMYK colors for a logo but still need to export it to JPEG with sRGB from time to time to let the client see the work in progress. My "problem" is that when using the shortcut to export the whole document, the popup window doesn't have any possibility to convert the ICC profile for the export (like in the screenshot, BTW I love it's design). But if we use slices on the Personna tab there is this option. So is it possible to have "File > Export ..." to have this option too ? Or should I avoid using it and always goes to "Export Personna"... Thanks