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  1. I did give it 5min and it didn’t work. Maybe there wasn’t enough storage to export such a giant. Anyway, I set it to pixels and it does export as wanted.
  2. @Sean P @Jowday Lol, so when creating the file I forgot to switch to pixels instead of points in those circles. And I’ve been doing that to all my documents 😄 Anyway thanks for help ❤️
  3. Untitled.afdesign Again, can’t export it in jpeg best quality and cant rasterize the whole group.
  4. @Jowday @DM1 I try to sell artwork on Society6, they require preferably 12000xsame 300dpi to fit most artwork. At least 6500x6500 300dpi. They do print on big stuff so it may have some logic. (I’m new to all of this. Society6 seems to be very over saturated market.)
  5. I tried exporting another artwork at 300dpi and it won’t work at all. Only 144dpi... ALSO, the bug with not being able to copy/paste a group with symbols is still there despite me and probably others reporting it before...
  6. Well I tried to rasterizes all the layers and the iPad crashed twice. I don’t think it’s ram related when exporting because the progress doesn’t even make a drop of progress, stuck at zero. The rasterization crash might be RAM related, but it should still do the job, maybe slower but still. Like maybe rasterize a limited/maximum amount of layers, then rasterizing the rest, and then unite the images. A workaround surely exists. I know it won’t affect resolution I just need 300dpi for printing. Even if it’s so misunderstood that’s what many clients want 😄
  7. The app seems to export with 144dpi, but I still need 300dpi for printing...
  8. Tried exporting again (without rasterizing) at 6500x6500 300dpi and bar won’t make a drop of progress over minutes. It’s a bug which makes this app unusable, quite literally.
  9. Latest iPad and affinity soft as of posting, iPad 7. So I tried to export this art into an 8000x8000 300dpi image but the export bar wouldn’t make a drop of progress. I decided to rasterize the whole group of vectors into an image. The progress bar took 5min (Which is understandable since there are so many layers and big image) BUT when reaching the bar at the end, it would stay there for a little and the iPad would crash completely, shut down. I repeated and same crash after reaching the end of rasterization. Also, for some reason the affinity storage on iPad got an addition 5GB of occupied storage, which disappeared after deleting that 8x8 image. It’s not a performance issue either, the iPad was cool to the touch. (Gets hot in heavy games) Im fine with waiting for the progress bar to take a while, but those crashes and inability to export such a big image is bad...
  10. @Sean P Hahaha and I thought that font looks nice 😄 when it’s just Arial.
  11. iPad 7, latest iPad and Designer software as of posting. I chose bold and regular and they seem to be exactly the same, no change. Noticed with other font options for Damascus.
  12. Why is that tab/panel so small when there’s so much available space? I always create canvases from saved presets, and having to go thru so many unnecessary clicks and scrolls is a pain.
  13. I suggest to make the objects within layers always white, regardless of their original color. At least give an option to do so. Layers containing dark objects are such a mess...
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