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  1. good remark Alfred. Thank you!!!
  2. I agree firstdefence. I'll go for it. Thank you for your advice!!! Luc
  3. Maybe Inkscape is also a possibility. For now I'm saved by firstdefence
  4. well, it's perfect!!! I thank you firstdefence, you saved me a lot of time. If one day I can help you...
  5. Yes indeed. I'm still doubting what to do.This is the little man...
  6. That's perfect!!!
  7. Vector Magic, I'll have a look at the cost. On the many thousands of drawings I made, this happened only 2 or 3 times. So it's the cost for Vector Magic against my time.
  8. Thank you MEB, I'll see what the best solution is. And yes, it depends on the complexity of the drawing.
  9. Mac and Affinity from the very first moment.
  10. Thank you both for your reply. And indeed, not much help. But I want to deliver good work, so I'll go for the 'spending hours of time'. Regards, Luc
  11. I'll explain better: I receive from my customers a drawing (which they want to screen print it on t-shirts). Often I receive the drawing on paper, I then scan the drawing and use this as the first layer in AD. Then I start drawing on the second layer. I did this already >500 times. for printing on t-shirts it's always in 1 color: black. Sometimes I receive the drawing by mail as a jpeg. I then use that jpeg as first layer and start drawing on the second layer. So far so good, no problem. But it happens that I receive a jpeg with a picture that is so complicated that it will take many many hours to draw it. If I can transfer that jpeg into a workable format, that would help me a lot. And saving time. I hope that I explained it now more clear.
  12. I received a jpeg drawing but I have to make changes. Can I transfer this jpeg into a format (pixels?) so that I can use the pen tool to change that drawing. If yes, how can I do that? Thanks for answering Luc
  13. Thank you, I'll have a look.
  14. Fine!!! Thank you Callum!
  15. How can I draw a line like this in Affinity Design. As you can see, it's not a sharp line but, how can I name it, a 'dirty' line? Your help please