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  1. This is perfect! Thank you very very well!!!
  2. Fine! You helped me a lot. Now looking for the next update of AF, including this feature.
  3. Can you help me: how do I import a text in Photo?
  4. How do I make the text like this?
  5. Thank you both, I'll try it out.
  6. Take a square but instead of filling the square with black, I want to fill it with dots. I must be able to choose the size of the dots. I think that is named rasterize. How can I do this in AD? Thanks for helping me
  7. Good, fine, thank you both, it works perfect!!!
  8. I made this drawing but I forgot to click 'Scale with object'. Do I have to do it line by line or can I click on the whole drawing and do it all in one click? Your help please.
  9. good idea, interesting. Thank you!
  10. indeed P. Thank you. Affinity Designer, great program!
  11. All right! Is it that easy! Many thanks verysame for your help!
  12. see the attached file. How easy is it to make the star, well, it's not a star. I don't know how to call it. Your help please. Luc
  13. I thank you all for helping me. The solution is simple now that you all helped me. Thank you all Luc
  14. Before I had 'Character' and 'Layers' and 'Transform' all in a separate window. Now I have to click on one to see the window 'Character' etc. How can I change it back? Please help.
  15. Indeed, thank you!!!