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  1. YEAH!!!!! Thank you firstdefence!!!
  2. That is very interesting! Thank you. What a fantastic community!
  3. Yeah, found it. Easy. Thank you both!!!
  4. I have now the text and the worn, what is the best way to bring the to together?
  5. good idea v_kyr. The forum 'Resources' section? I never visited that section. Thanks for informing me.
  6. Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  7. Perfect, I’ll try it. thank you!
  8. See the text. The dots are filled in afterwards because for example in the E's the dots are different.
  9. How can I draw a square like this in AD?
  10. Hi! That's it. Simple. Probably I hit that knob by accident... You are very helpful. Thank you!
  11. See the figures 16 and 15.9 I don't want to see these figures, I don't need this measurement how can I make them not appear? Thanks for answering
  12. Found it. Thank you both!!!
  13. I don't see 'scale to object' when selecting all
  14. see attachment. First I made this drawing (circle and lines) in diameter 100 mm. I needed it also in diameter 25 mm. I forgot to click scale with object. So when I resized the drawing to 25 mm all the lines were too tick. I went to the 100 mm drawing, clicked on every line and clicked 'scale with object'. Can I do this in an other way, can 'scale to object' be always 'clicked'? I often have to make drawing in several sizes. It's for screen printing on t shirts, so the back is big, and on the front the drawing is small. Thanks for helping me.