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  1. Ah, OK, in Affinity Photo, not in Designer. I'll try it. Thank you!!!
  2. thank you MEB. Can you give me more info about the Mesh Warp Tool? Where to find?
  3. how can I do this in AD? Thanks all for helping me. Luc
  4. This is the most complete explication I ever received. Thank you for that.
  5. Hi toltec, when I start a new drawing, the setup I use is this: Do you mean, for the screen printing, I should change the DPI to 72? Thanks for replying. Luc
  6. Thank you toltec. I'll dig in deeper in that matter. Question: the photo you show, did you made it with AP? Or Illustrator?
  7. Thank you Fixx but I dont know what low lpi is. You also say it’s difficult in AD/AP. I think it’s a bridge to far for me.
  8. Ok, understand. All I can say: great work! Thank you!!!!
  9. Bonjour Wosven, I'm glad you had fun making this drawing. I can follow all the steps you took to come to that beautiful result. Why are these in purple and others in yellow?
  10. Picture 1 is what I received, picture 2 is what I made with the help of this community (I'm very thankful)
  11. Ok! Good, I’ll switch over to Affinity Photo. I’ll let you know. thank you!
  12. this 'then add blend mode Overlay, 100% on the pixel layer, merge down and then go to the Threshold adjustment, i set it to 30% but you might want to play with the settings' seems to be too difficult for me. Although I'm using AD from the very very beginning and made more then 2000 drawings, I never went further than the things I need for these black and white drawings for the job I do. Sorry. But always ready to learn!
  13. Yes! That's it. Thank you carl123. I try it out now!
  14. due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations ... Funny! I like that carl. I downloaded the free brushes and had a notice that they are installed in AD. Where do I find them?