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  1. Hi! That's it. Simple. Probably I hit that knob by accident... You are very helpful. Thank you!
  2. See the figures 16 and 15.9 I don't want to see these figures, I don't need this measurement how can I make them not appear? Thanks for answering
  3. Found it. Thank you both!!!
  4. I don't see 'scale to object' when selecting all
  5. see attachment. First I made this drawing (circle and lines) in diameter 100 mm. I needed it also in diameter 25 mm. I forgot to click scale with object. So when I resized the drawing to 25 mm all the lines were too tick. I went to the 100 mm drawing, clicked on every line and clicked 'scale with object'. Can I do this in an other way, can 'scale to object' be always 'clicked'? I often have to make drawing in several sizes. It's for screen printing on t shirts, so the back is big, and on the front the drawing is small. Thanks for helping me.
  6. Hi haakoo, thank you for this video. It's perfect! Greatings!!!
  7. Hi haakoo, we laten de ruziemakers achterom, ok? Ik vind uw oplossing heel goed, is het mogelijk een screenpicture te maken van de te nemen stappen? Dat zou heel fijn. zijn. groeten!
  8. right! In that way I change them all in one go! Thank you!!!
  9. Pressure settings work fine, thank you! haakoo: where do I find the cogwheel? Pressure setting solved my problem but I like to know what 'cogwheel' is anyway. Thank you all
  10. If you look closely to the lines they start thicker at one side and decrease towards the other site of the line. How can I do that in Affinity Designer? Thanks for helping me.
  11. I fully agree with you R C-R, but of coarse ones you know it, you will not forget it anymore, although... Thank you for your reply!
  12. Thank you, that solved my problem. Often, it sites in a small corner... but with the help of the Affinity community here it doesn't take long for receiving an answer for a problem.
  13. No, why cann't I do this again. See screen picture. In the layer panel it's blue now.
  14. That simple! Thank you!!! Have a good day!!!