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  1. the proposal of Old Bruce is the one I'll use (One easy way around this is to use 1:1 for the canvas size and the floor plan. Make your document 3 meters by a fifth of a meter in size and just read the dimensions off of the transform panel to get the dimensions.) I tried it and he's right, it works fine. I like to thank everyone here for helping me finding a way to make simple technical drawings.
  2. Thank you v_kyr. I’ll have a look at Google Draw. I hope it has the same ‘way of working ‘ as TouchDraw.
  3. "One easy way around this is to use 1:1 for the canvas size and the floor plan." That is a possibility. But still not the way I prefer. Does anyone has used the program TouchDraw 2? This is a 2D application and not that expensive. But only 1 rating (in Europe). Maybe more elsewhere? I like to communicate with someone who works with TouchDraw 2
  4. It’s correct R C-R, do you have a proposal? Do you know TouchDraw 2? As I mentioned I used to make technical drawings in my profession but now I rarely have to make a technical drawing. (I’m retired) So I don’t like to spend a lot of money for the one drawing I like to make for things at home (a chicken run for example, and don’t laugh 😂)
  5. I have all 3 programs from Affinity, since the very beginning. One thing I still missing is measurement. Which means, I cannot use Affinity for drawing (in 2D) a plan of (for example) a living room (walls - doors - windows) with the exact size. Witch means: I want a square of 3.000 x 200 mm. And beside that wall a line with arrows and 3.000 etc. Does anyone has had this problem or must I conclude the Affinity is NOT a program for such things (A program that has these posibilities is for example TouchDraw 2 or VectorWorks. If someone has the solution, please let me know. You'll make me happy.
  6. Thank you R C-R, I'll try QCad. Hope I find a good tutorial.
  7. Thank you both Eddy-2 and Lagarto. I'll follow your advice! So I'll go for QCad!
  8. there is QCad, CADintosh and LibreCad. Which one is good for me, knowing that I only need 2D?
  9. I started SketchUp, but it opens in 3D. Can I change it to 2D?
  10. OK, I should try it. Certainly with what firstdefence is showing here.
  11. Is Sketch-up also good for technical drawings? I only need 2D. Does anyone has knowledge about the CADINTOSH program?
  12. VectorWorks is very very expensive! I’m looking for something simple. I do’n need 3D.
  13. The ‘MiniCad’ I used 20 years ago is now called VectorWorks
  14. Indeed, and in the mean time I looked at the one you mentioned. Looks good. Do you use it?
  15. An other problem is: I have macOS Catalina and can’t update to a higher macOS…
  16. Does anyone knows Shapr3D for macOS? And yes TurboCad is expensive, although the simple app should be sufficient for me.
  17. Thank you both! I’ll have a look at the programs suggested here. Did you ever heard about the one I used 20 years ago: MiniCad? Does anyone know if it has been replaced by an other program?
  18. In earlier days I had to make technical drawings for furniture and used a program on the Mac, but I forgot the name and cannot find it back on the internet. Maybe it doesn't exist anymore. My question: I have Affinity Designer, can I use that program to make technical drawings? For example: I draw a line and the program gives me the exact length of that line. So, is this possible with Affinity? Thanks for helping me
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