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  1. I work on a iMac. Is there an upgrade for Affinity Photo? I have the 3 Affinity's since the very beginning.
  2. This is artwork and I know from experience that taking a photo of an artwork must be done in a studio with the correct light . The camera has to be set to the correct temperature. Which has not been done here. What not is (correct light) cannot been added. I think affinity cannot solve this.
  3. You are right. So you think, Walt, I will not be able to correct this with Affinity?
  4. A friend took a photo of an artwork he made on a white paper. As you see the paper is grey. I tried several adjustments in Affinity Photo but I am not satisfied of the result. The background is still not white. So I'm asking here for advice. Thanks for answering! Luc
  5. I’am glad I am part of this great community of affinity people. Thank for all the help!!! kind regards, Luc
  6. This is a good idea Palatino. Thank you, I’ll do it that way! thank you!!! Luc
  7. Thank you Ron P. That’s quick! Due to this I’ll buy V2! kind regards, Luc
  8. In V1 it is not possible to make a measurement between two points as it can be done in a program for architect. is this possible in Affinity Designer2? thanks for answering Luc
  9. the proposal of Old Bruce is the one I'll use (One easy way around this is to use 1:1 for the canvas size and the floor plan. Make your document 3 meters by a fifth of a meter in size and just read the dimensions off of the transform panel to get the dimensions.) I tried it and he's right, it works fine. I like to thank everyone here for helping me finding a way to make simple technical drawings.
  10. Thank you v_kyr. I’ll have a look at Google Draw. I hope it has the same ‘way of working ‘ as TouchDraw.
  11. "One easy way around this is to use 1:1 for the canvas size and the floor plan." That is a possibility. But still not the way I prefer. Does anyone has used the program TouchDraw 2? This is a 2D application and not that expensive. But only 1 rating (in Europe). Maybe more elsewhere? I like to communicate with someone who works with TouchDraw 2
  12. It’s correct R C-R, do you have a proposal? Do you know TouchDraw 2? As I mentioned I used to make technical drawings in my profession but now I rarely have to make a technical drawing. (I’m retired) So I don’t like to spend a lot of money for the one drawing I like to make for things at home (a chicken run for example, and don’t laugh 😂)
  13. I have all 3 programs from Affinity, since the very beginning. One thing I still missing is measurement. Which means, I cannot use Affinity for drawing (in 2D) a plan of (for example) a living room (walls - doors - windows) with the exact size. Witch means: I want a square of 3.000 x 200 mm. And beside that wall a line with arrows and 3.000 etc. Does anyone has had this problem or must I conclude the Affinity is NOT a program for such things (A program that has these posibilities is for example TouchDraw 2 or VectorWorks. If someone has the solution, please let me know. You'll make me happy.
  14. Thank you both Eddy-2 and Lagarto. I'll follow your advice! So I'll go for QCad!
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