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  1. Oh there's a second topic for this.. here's another one. It's 12 pages long.. so combined with this we now have 19 pages full of complaining about this missing feature. and 0 response from Serif. Honestly, I love the Affinity software but the way they handle this is really sad.. Not a single word. nothing.
  2. I feel someone thought he could skip buying by using the Beta's for free
  3. Just a guess but empty your temp folder. The unpacked install is probably still there. That's probably c:\windows\temp\ but if that sounds scary, run the cleanup wizard.
  4. While it's a hassle to copy stuff to and from your phone, don't rule out Remini. It's a mobile app only (why?!?!?!) And its results are amazing if it manages to detect everything correctly. I use imglarger sometimes if I need to enlarge something without too much decay in quality. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. I never heard of Topaz to be honest so I'm gonna follow this thread for future comments
  5. Well, it was actually available in DrawPlus in 2012... Google it. Check out who made it.
  6. Clumsy, yes. But having to do it every time after I make an export is worse.. I want that info in the .afphoto file and it's a way to do it. It's only a few files that I need to fix. and I've learned to make sure I do it before loading them into Affinity the next time
  7. Hey Thanks! While you meant it is a warning this may actually be a helpful fix! I thought, crap, can't add the geolocation anymore so I have to do it afterwards on the export because I don't want to do all the edits again. But if what you say is true I can just add the geo on the export. load the export in Affinity Photo. Delete the layers and copy the layers from edit in to that new geo-tagged document.
  8. Hey, has anyone figured out how to paste something existing in there? I only managed to create a pattern from scratch but I'd like to use assets that I already have but I can't. I can't even type text into it because it's on a different layer. Can't use the pen tool because it's on a different layer. Nothing, just the brush. Sure, I can make a pattern layer from a selection but that's about it. Did anyone find some smart ways to work with that? I'm having a huge fight getting a text in an existing brush with a box around it. Clipping doesn't do anything
  9. hm, fair point... Maybe try turning hardware acceleration off. Or maybe this is fixed now in 1.9.1. Since the issue just started around the time 1.9 was released and he/she is running that.
  10. I downloaded https://www.stockunlimited.com/vector-illustration/wizard-holding-pot-plant-and-stick_1259097.html Does it act weird for you? It looks perfectly fine here.
  11. They do actually. But I have to create an account first and I just kinda forgot
  12. Check here... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/32-beta-software-forums/ The top posts of the subforums contain links to the downloads. Keep in mind, it's beta software. If you lose work because you used beta, report it but don't complain about it. That's the risk of running beta software.
  13. 1.9.1 was released today. Give it a shot to see if it fixed your issues
  14. If it's also in designer then it won't be the hardware acceleration.. Sorry.. I don't have a clue. Does Stock Unlimited provide any free stuff so I can try to if it happens here as well?
  15. You don't have to. However, if you have brushes or others assets in your store account then it's now possible to automatically download and install them. You can either click and install the stuff you want or simply tag a checkbox to download and install everything you own.
  16. Before you roll-back. try disabling hardware acceleration. It's known to cause some odd issues and patches are being worked on. If it doesn't help you can always roll back to an earlier version.
  17. OK, thanks.. I'll use DigiKam then I already use that and know how it works. Thanks though for helping me end my search on how to edit it in Affinity Photo.
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