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  1. Hi, I have Designer on my Ipad and on my PC. On my Ipad I can make mutiple selections bij selecting an item, hold my finger on the screen and select something else. I can see exactly what I am selecting. On my PC I can select one item. When I use my Ctrl-button, I can select something else, but then the first selection is gone. I can use the shift-button, but then I have everything in between the two items selected aswell. That is not what I want. I can select mutiple items in the layers panel, but then I have to guesse which of the items I am selecting. I am making a big chessboard with different colors, all the leayers shows the same square 🙂. I made the squares and now I want to recolor them. But as far I can see now, I have to select each square sepperetly, change the color, choose another square and so on. Is it realy not possible to select multiple items the same way I can select them on my Ipad???
  2. Thank you again Walt. I do use windows, but the option 'open with' does not show in this case. But I managed with your tip to import them worked well. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for answering Walt. But how do you get them in Designer? When I download brushes (I trys some other ones too) there is he Aff Photo logo in front of them. And I can only choose 'open' and than Aff poto opens. I can not choose for 'open in...' and then pick Designer. Am I doing something wrong???
  4. Hi Annie, I would love to try your brushes in Designer, but the files are for AffPhoto. I can not open them in Designer, and allthought AffPhoto says I imported them succesfully, I don't see them in my brushes. Any idea?
  5. In Photoshop it is possible to give a the layer effect of the outer-shadow its own layer. So you can transform the shadow without transforming the object. I use this a lot, because the shadow tells a lot about the position of the object. I realy would like this possible in Affinity Designer as well!
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