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  1. Update I discovered my pictures to see when the bug occurred. Last time I processed TIFFs in AP was in february. Everything was fine. So an update between this time and now must be responsible. In addition I found now that AP rotate an image 90deg ccw I cropped from landscape to portrait in LR during opening. Choosing the file -> save dialogue after making some adjustments or do nothing in AP the image will saved rotated to LR with the LR adjustments assigned I made before on the RAW file. Greetings Hornisse
  2. Hello Ron, first you are right, AP cannot save xmp-Files. LR does the Bayer interpolation with the camera parameters or the Adobe color space. Only if you perform some changes a xmp will be written or the adjustments are saved in the database. I decided years ago to let LR write xmp. Here you find some screenshots. SCS_1 shows the RAW in LR with some adjustments and a crop, see the marker. SCS_2 is the export to AP in the way you described with LR adjustments applied. Pay attention to SCS_3. That is the situation after my changes in AP and saving back to LR, close the AP window and choose yes in the savings dialogue. You see in the marker at the right side the same slider values as made on the RAW and the crop is done again. SCS_4 is an example after processing the TIFF in PS CS6. Normally LR writes a second xmp if a TIFF or jpg is changed in LR. But the issue occured after an AP update, I dont know wich version, sorry. I dont know how AP process the image during saving. And LR has no update since a long period. Confusion in my mind. Thanks for your support Hornisse
  3. Thank you Ron, I donˋt agree with that. If you use the same setting it´s better for me to explain it. First I make some changes in LR, a xmp-File will be written in the same directory, than I open the File (RAW converted to TIFF with the LR changes) in AP. Then I do my work there an save the TIFF. LR applies then the changes I made before to the TIFF, shown on the LR sliders like exposure, dynamic, sharpening an so on. The crop now comes again an makes the picture smaller. If I open the RAW—>TIFF with any other software like the google filters or PS CS6 nothing is applied again in LR. I am surprised that no new xmp is written to the TIF so I assume that LR uses the first xmp-File to apply the changes to the TIFF but why. Now I confused. Are there an option in LR that I missed? Is there a difference between AP and other software during the saving process? Greetings Hornisse
  4. Hello community, since the last update of Photo an issue occurs that I cant understand. My system is Windows 10, the latest version of Affinity Photo and the last buying version of Adobe Lightroom 6. Now I perform on my RAWs some tasks in LR like cropping, lens correction, denoise and other. Then in the context menu I open the picture for further actions in AP as a 16bit Tiff with the Lightroom changes. After the work is done in AP I reduce the Document and save the Tiff. In Lightroom I find the Tiff now with the LR changes I made before, see above. I have to reset the picture to no changes. It´s not a big issue but I want to report it because AP is now my standard software for processing my Photos. Greetings Hornisse
  5. Please add a feature to save all files from gallery screen at once. I made about 100 designs and its hardly to save every file separat. Greetings Hornisse
  6. First thank you for the great deal with Designer. I use both Photo and Designer on my iPad as a substitute for Adobe's leasing model. The most of my work can be done there. But I use Designer also as a presentation tool to modify products together with my customers. So it is irritating to switch off the spell checking everytime I open a file. The red lines also shine through if a filled layer above is activated, rectangle or so. I am a German but we use many expressions in english language and the dictionary cannot be edited. So I find it usefull to implement a feature to switch of spell checking permanently. Greetings Hornisse
  7. Hello Lee D, thanks for your reply. I'll post it as a request. Since I use Desinger as a tool to modify some products together with customers it would be usefull to switch the spell checking off permanently. Otherwise I have to do it everytime I open a file. Greentings Hornisse
  8. I grabbed the Designer on Black Friday. Great App. Since I use Photo for more than one year it was easy to understand the most features. One thing I didnt understand. I found no topic in the forum. It is possible to uncheck the spell checking before and after typing some text, but after saving and reopening the file the spell checking is set to enable again. I want it to disable permanent. Is that an issue or should it be checked everytime? Thanks for your support. If there is a solution yet in the forum please close the thread or merge it. Greetings Hornisse
  9. Thank you. That´s the solution. It is a faster way without the warning dialouge. Well done. Greetings Hornisse
  10. Since the update the live filter icon is missing. So it is not possible to get a filter as a layer. iPad Pro 2018, 11“ Hornisse
  11. I‘m pleased to read that. Greetings Hornisse
  12. Now I played a little to better understand the behavior. The two pics from the volcano are screenshots from Develop Persona and Photo Persona. You see that in DP no slider shows any changes. What I did not before I opened the dark image in Photo Persona and tried an extreme curve. As you see the most informations in the image are present. Greetings Hornisse
  13. You can reproduce it with one or several files. The two new images I uploaded are the same pics opened twice. 1. import the RAW file from Apple Photo App 2. the Coati looks right exposed (first screenshot) 3. developed and opened in Photo Persona 4. export to everywhere from Export Persona 5. leave Export Persona with the upper left arrow 6. import the same image again or another RAW 7. the result is a dark image (second screenshot) 8. pay attention to the histogram, all levels are compressed to the left side, so I assume the ISO speed was‘nt calculated 9. cancel the developing process and open the same or another RAW file 10. now you get the pic like described in step 2 (first screenshot) Hope you can reproduce the bug. If you then need more RAWs I will upload some more Greetings Hornisse
  14. The RAW file is uploaded now. This time I remembered the exact workflow the error occured. I forgot one step. As described above an additional step was made: the image was exported as jpg high quality in export persona to Photo Manager Pro. Then I left export persona with click on the arrow in the upper left corner. Only then (open new image) the bug occured. Greetings Hornisse
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