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  1. Hornisse

    No icons for live filter on iPad

    Thank you. That´s the solution. It is a faster way without the warning dialouge. Well done. Greetings Hornisse
  2. Since the update the live filter icon is missing. So it is not possible to get a filter as a layer. iPad Pro 2018, 11“ Hornisse
  3. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    I‘m pleased to read that. Greetings Hornisse
  4. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    Now I played a little to better understand the behavior. The two pics from the volcano are screenshots from Develop Persona and Photo Persona. You see that in DP no slider shows any changes. What I did not before I opened the dark image in Photo Persona and tried an extreme curve. As you see the most informations in the image are present. Greetings Hornisse
  5. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    You can reproduce it with one or several files. The two new images I uploaded are the same pics opened twice. 1. import the RAW file from Apple Photo App 2. the Coati looks right exposed (first screenshot) 3. developed and opened in Photo Persona 4. export to everywhere from Export Persona 5. leave Export Persona with the upper left arrow 6. import the same image again or another RAW 7. the result is a dark image (second screenshot) 8. pay attention to the histogram, all levels are compressed to the left side, so I assume the ISO speed was‘nt calculated 9. cancel the developing process and open the same or another RAW file 10. now you get the pic like described in step 2 (first screenshot) Hope you can reproduce the bug. If you then need more RAWs I will upload some more Greetings Hornisse
  6. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    The RAW file is uploaded now. This time I remembered the exact workflow the error occured. I forgot one step. As described above an additional step was made: the image was exported as jpg high quality in export persona to Photo Manager Pro. Then I left export persona with click on the arrow in the upper left corner. Only then (open new image) the bug occured. Greetings Hornisse
  7. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    I will try it again..
  8. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    I tried it but dropbox showed only 2MB. If it failed I will upload it from my desktop. Greetings Hornisse
  9. Hornisse

    Black images, NIKON RAW

    Hi Gabe, l uploaded 2 images, but not sure how to see them here. The dark image is like described a RAW file now developed without any changes and exported as jpg. The second attempt results in open the image in a right way. It was also developed without changes and exported in the same matter. Again, I know that the ISO speed in my camera is calculated before quantisation and discretisation and the dark image looks like a picture from an isoless cam, so I assume that here is a missing of that step. Please let me know your oppinion. Greetings Hornisse
  10. I didnt find a topic, so I open a new thread. Now I used AP frequently in vaccation to develop my best pictures each day. The images were imported to Apples foto app. They are Nikon RAW files from Nikon D800e. New Apple iPad Pro 11“. AP showed the following behavior: The first image opens properly in develop persona. I follow my workflow and want to open a second file. This file looks like a heavy underexposed picture. In my oppinion it seems that the ISO speed is not involved in the demosaicing interpolation. If I cancel the developing process and open the file again every thing works fine. The next file is dark again, opens normal after cancel the import and so on.. I hope its helpfull. Greetings Hornisse
  11. Hi stokerg, thanks for your reply. I‘ll be patient until the problem is solved. For some feature requests I will post in another topic. Greetings Hornisse
  12. Hello, first congratulations to the maker team for their good job. I use AP on a Windows 10 system since a couple of weeks, also on my iPad and tried most of the features. Now on my desktop version I wanted to use the colour replacement tool. As seen and read I expected to find a slider for the tolerance and ckeckboxes for sample continously and contiguos. But these adjustments are not shown in the toolbar. Did I anything wrong or is that a bug? The version I use is the latest from today. Thanks for your help.