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  1. Thanks Chris, good to know. But what about the "Bloodpool" style? It doesn't even have red in it at all when applied to a brush.
  2. Forgot to check "notify me of replies" - Couldn't find a way to enable other than posting a response to myself here.
  3. When multiple layers are selected, and then you right-click any of those selected layers, the option to "Merge Selected" should be available in that context menu. (in ADDITION to the "merge visible" that is already there. Not in place of it. I just realized my image looks like I'm suggesting to replace, which I'm not. I just want it added as an additional option)
  4. @MEB - Any insights on my question I posted above?
  5. I'm also coming to Affinity photo from years of experience with photoshop. From photoshop, I've gotten used to seeing the thumbnail generated within the context of the image it was copied from. Please see the screen capture below to see what I mean: https://www.screencast.com/t/ydeWPTD9zR Is there a way to change the default behavior in Affinity photo so that the thumbnails are generated like they are in Photoshop?

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