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  1. I'm glad someone wiser and more knowledgeable than me showed up! I did all that stuff, but I'd have to learn again from scratch now as I've completely forgotten how I did them. I do remember there's an official Affinity video on how to go about inferring LUTs though. But I add my voice to the recommendation that you develop your RAW file first.
  2. Now I'm a little bit older and wiser, I know I need to mention these LUTs were created in the AdobeRGB colour space.
  3. Thank you both SO much for your help. Having been brainwashed into "keep quality as high as you can", I saved them out as maxed .cube files. Ho hum.
  4. I used 'Infer LUT' to create a collection of Fuji film sims. This appeared to work very well, and they do work well. Except they slow Affinity to a total crawl. I experimented with loading them to ON1 - and promptly slowed ON1 to a crawl on the LUT filter too. This led to the light dawning there might be something up with my LUTs rather than Affinity! 😂 (Who'da thunk it?? 🤔) And the answer is staring me in the face. When I explore various LUTs I have lying around, a typical filesize is around 860k. My own "masterpieces" however come in at a solid 52,745kb a piece. <gulp>. No wonder
  5. You are officially my Hero of the Week! Thank you SO much. That will save me hundreds of key clicks. (And the Set Fill to 50% Grey has a shortcut key now too, as I also use that an awful lot).
  6. Thank you for answering. If there's a way to reset colours to black and white in those shortcuts then I've never found it - and I have looked.
  7. Thanks Meb. I'm on Windows. I can scale the UI globally (and have) to a size that fits almost everything I do. So I don't really want to change that scaling for one program I use among many. I have got reasonably used to it, and Ctrl-Z is a lifesaver of course, but I do find it quite hard to pick out the toolbar icons. If I'm mousing, I think I select the Selection brush instead of the ordinary brush 9 times out of 10, just by way of an example.
  8. I keep thinking I'm missing something obvious (won't be the first time) but I can't find a quick way to reset the current colours to black & white. I'm used to hitting the 'D' key instead of laboriously selecting them each time. Given the frequency of use for masking, I feel certain I'm missing something. Can anyone help?
  9. Thank you for this, it worked for me - though it took me a while to find the File menu and install the Photoshop plugin from there. Then I was able to navigate to that folder in the Affinity plugin install. I've spent a fair bit of time using Luminar as a plugin already and it seems rock solid. Unlike, sadly, Nik collection which crashes if you zoom in and out too many times, and takes AP down with it.
  10. I second this. The interface is hard on older eyes and it's easy to pick the wrong tool when they're so tiny. (2440 27in screen)
  11. I had exactly this problem (except being more of a n00b I wanted to transition from Photoshop Elements organiser). I tried trial versions of all sorts of things, and nothing fit and then stumbled on Digikam which is open source and free. And brilliant. I had written all my tags into my photos in Organiser, which were all picked up in Digikam. A few hours of work, and 14,000 photos are better organised and sorted than they've ever been. It's not always the most intuitive software. Stuff like tags and albums I worked out easily enough but forcing it to work in depth like I wanted it to sent
  12. I've just spent all day (!) creating a set of Affinity LUTs for all the Fujifilm film simulations. I have a shiny new X-S10 but I shoot in RAW so Affinity doesn't give me them. The free version of Capture One reads my camera and has all of them, but I just can't get away well with the interface (when I wanted to use a film simulation, I was doing a basic develop in C1, applying the LUT and exporting to Affinity as a TIFF, which was a bit of a faff). So I used 'Infer LUT', and a lot of patience etc to create LUTs for Affinity. I then checked them out by independently developing RAW files on bot
  13. It's November, and I just bought the Nik Collection. I'm having exactly the same problems. One time it works, next time it crashes. I can have no crashes using several plugins or I can crash pretty much on every one. I have found my crash reports if that's any use. I have had Affinity crash on its own account but very very rarely. Now it's becoming pretty regular. Any tips or progress? I'm on Windows 10, up to date, Intel i5, 32gb RAM, nVidia 2060;
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