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  1. Is there a way to do this now? Because I just seem to have accidentally cleared my document palette without realizing. I was using it in a tutorial and a little while later I want to pick another color and all 8 colors I had in there were gone. Maybe I hit some key combination that caused the palette to be cleared? I'd love to know so I can avoid doing it again accidentally.
  2. Hi Margriet, Thanks for the compliment! Yes, Serif uses Amazon for shipping the workbooks, it was the same for me. I got the shipping confirmation on a Tuesday and received it on Friday that same week. Too bad you can’t order it through amazon, I’m a prime member, would have saved me the shipping cost 😉
  3. Just wanted to say hi, I'm also from the Netherlands. I ordered the Designer Workbook during the Black Friday sale last November and recently really started working on it. I just finished the first project and about to start the second. My website is currently offline due to issues with our NAS, but I'm looking to make a brand new website soon. Meanwhile you can find my digital drawing work on my Instagram, it's a mix of Procreate and Affinity Designer. https://www.instagram.com/karinvdb/
  4. This page tells you how you can use your iPad as an extra screen on Mac OS. You can use the pencil to draw in Affinity Designer on desktop that way. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210380
  5. Came here to report the same, and for me it also worked to restart the App. I was working in separated mode when I noticed it and switched that off, which made no difference. I had reset studio a number of times while working (I keep messing up my studio arrangement accidentally by dragging a tab instead of the panel) so that doesn't fix it. For reference here's a screenshot and video of how the panel looks and behaves when this happens. Screen Recording 2020-05-26 at 11.42.43.mov
  6. Same here, this is very annoying as I’m working on a typography project that always has ‘misspelled’ words.... I just reproduced it exactly as Sean mentioned, turned off spelling check, go to homescreen, open document, and spell check is turned on again.
  7. Thanks @Joachim_L for the information! I did notice that there are some inconsistencies between the two programs in how they measure element sizes. Text elements in Sketch have the height equal to the line height, no matter the character height of the text in question, in Affinity the height of the element is equal to the height of the characters. This is visible in the bounding boxes of the selections in the screenshots above. However with embedded SVG's it's the other way around! If the SVG has some whitespace, Affinity respects that and shows the size including white space, whereas in Sketch the size is that of the curves resulting from rendering the SVG, so no whitespace. Bit confusing sometimes but I've managed to replicate my design pretty well in AD now.
  8. Oops, I seem to have found the problem. I had both All caps and Small caps enabled which made the whole text appear in small caps which are of course smaller than regular caps. I'll leave this here in case someone has the same problem....
  9. Hi, I've bought AD for Mac recently, I've worked in AD on iPad for a while for illustration but I'm now trying web design in AD desktop. I've been running a trail of Sketch as well since my company uses that. I'm now trying to reproduce a design of an existing website that I already created in Sketch in AD. I'm having a bit of a problem with the font size. In Sketch it is set to be pixels, so when I noticed in AD it is pt, I googled and did find the setting to uncheck in preferences to show fonts in pt. The thing is, it has no effect on the size. In 30pt it was too small, but now it is showing 30px but it's still the same size. The height of the element shows as 13,8px instead of 30px. Am I missing something? I would assume that if I set the font size to 30px the characters should be 30px high. I'm using the same font and specifications in Sketch and the result there is correct.
  10. Hi! I was eagerly awaiting the Black Friday sale (yay!) to order Affinity Designer on Mac and the workbook. Purchased both now but there was a little bit of disillusionment when the shipping was recalculated after logging in. When not logged in the shipping price showed as €3.59, after logging in it was €11.49. While I understand that shipping varies depending on your location, from a UX perspective this is not the clearest way to display this. I would recommend instead of showing the lowest or most likely shipping price (without an indication for which country this shipping price is valid), show a message that explains shipping is calculated when the shipping address has been entered. I figured it might change but I wasn’t quite prepared for such a big price difference. Shame, I guess it’s because we don’t have a local Amazon fulfillment center yet, but I’ve gotten so used to having prime shipping from Germany, this shipping cost was quite hefty. Looking forward to getting stuck in with Designer using the workbook!
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