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  1. The pain to users of new raw formats from Canon would be less if DPP provided a direct call pass-through to other photo apps than just Photoshop. That way they could protect their investment in technology and to a much larger degree and avoid pissing off their customers.
  2. It would be great if Canon's own raw processing software supported user-configurable selection of photo sw instead of their current Adobe lock-in "Open in Photoshop" menu item. That way as soon as Canon roll out any new camera its raw format would be much easier to use with the user's own choice of software.
  3. Hey Granddaddy, As an American you should be used by now to being told that even the smallest (and sometimes imaginary) achievement is called "huge" or "wonderful" or "Beautiful" You might be interested to know that in the beta release line versions 1.8.0.xxx ( the xxx is for beta increments) are being announced. I agree that the the updates in 1.7.2 were probably significant enough to warrant an increment of the second version number, but be grateful that Affinity are rolling these updates out quickly - maybe they had already started work on the 1.8 line and wanted to get the improvements out quicker. See the updates in the following thread: Great tool, great that we are being given more real improvements - just dying to see support for Canon's EOS-R raw files (and I know that has to come from a 3rd party).
  4. The notice calls it an "update" and common practice is to use the 3rd version number for minor updates and bug fix releases, which this is.
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