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  1. Another +1 for this feature. In my architectural presentations/portfolios I tend(ed) to use a no-print layer with notes for what I needed to talk about on that 'slide' on it, or notes about possible rearrangements of images if I was printing to then cut+mount. This way near deadlines, if I'd been up for three days running on caffeine and anxiety, there was no chance I'd print out my notes to self. I always have a 'no-print' layer or two in my CAD files too, which I use for construction geometry and notes and reference drawings - that way I can see them and snap to them but they won't print even if I forget to turn them off... I didn't realise this wasn't, well, a standard layout feature until just now - I'm putting together a presentation on my first project for my MArch! I've only used InDesign (in terms of dedicated print layout software) prior to using Affinity Publisher, though.
  2. I did not! Thank you, that has done exactly what I wanted; I get extra dumb when I'm frustrated; you're a lifesaver.
  3. I'm having a problem applying brush textures to strokes on desktop (Windows) Affinity Designer.. It's been three hours of messing around and Googling and reading and rereading the official Help files so far and idk what is wrong. When I attempt to apply a brush to a stroke, it just ... doesn't. I am using the stroke tool on an ellipse I have drawn and added a gradient to. First I tried setting stroke to texture line style, and then selecting a brush from the brushes panel - none of them apply to the stroke. The help files say to select the brush texture and then set stroke to texture line style - this also doesn't apply the brush to the stroke. I am using the 10-day free trial of Designer; is this functionality removed in the trial version or am I just being a moron?
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