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  1. Hi MEB, It works fine now, thanks for your help, have a good day. Emar.
  2. Hi MEB, Where can I find the Clone Brush settings? Here's the screenshot with the Clone Brush selected. Emar
  3. Yes, held Alt down and left clicked, then dragged or left click to clone.
  4. Hi MEB, Thanks for your help. I've tried the Clone Brush again and again, sometime it works other times not. It worked perfectly before I downloaded the update recently. Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong, the Healing brush is working fine. Here's the Screenshot . Hope this is OK, Emar.
  5. Hi, I'm new to this, so bear with me. I recently updated Affinity Photo, all went well or so I thought. When I went to use the Cloning tool nothing happens. I Alt clicked as normal but it isn't picking anything up to clone, any ideas, please. As far as I know, the other tools are working OK. Regards Emar

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