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  1. Yes, that is a nice workaround. And I appreciate you having shared it... very helpful until they correct this... soon I hope
  2. Note: Don't know why the red background appears different here, but in the orig and pdf, the red background appears the same before uploading them.
  3. Attached are screenshots of the orig file, the export settings, and the exported pdf. The other workaround is to make a copy of the image (Burger text in this case) directly behind the orig image, filled black. Bring it down and to the right as a shadow; in fx, apply Gaussian Blur and click on color overlay in fx. And this will export to pdf properly.
  4. Here's the link to the previous thread I had found. I'll upload my pix in a bit with a different workaround as well. Thanks for your time Callum.
  5. When exporting to PDF (for print), Affinity Publisher converts drop shadows that overlay a solid color to an odd light-hazy drop shadow. I've seen a "workaround" listed for this issue more than a year ago, so it has been a major issue for longer than a year now. Is Affinity working on this???
  6. Doing the same thing... exporting APub to PDF and getting light odd drop shadows. (6/25/2022 - Affinity 1.10... Windows 10.) This has been a major issue for well over a year now - Is Affinity working on a solution???
  7. In APhoto, opening an APhoto file; no warning given for the font that is not turned on or missing. Same in APub. I thought it used to give a warning the same as PS and InD do.
  8. Has anyone found a solution to this as I am looking at it now as well. I think there should not have to be a separate command for replacing an image... we should just be able to use the place command and it replaces an image.
  9. Is there any way to have APhoto (or Pub) warn of missing fonts when a file is opened? Or what is the best way to do that (as opposed to selecting each font in the file)?
  10. Hi Walt, I opened a new file to recreate it for you. Did the exact same thing, and it is working like it should. Don't know if the other one was corrupt or what. Thx for the reply though!
  11. Unable to edit frame text. Try to reselect it with text tool (frame text tool), but it will not select.
  12. @thomaso Thanks for the extra info, very helpful. I greatly appreciate your time and effort my friend! Our community is amazing!
  13. That is perfect! It is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for mentioning the "lock children" as I would never have known about it - And it made all the difference to make it work like I wanted - It even allows me to adjust the frame! You are magnificent!
  14. That did it! Aren't you beautifully brilliant - Thank you so very much!
  15. Unfortunately, the way you suggest doesn't allow me to use the square as an adjustable frame to crop the pic.
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