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  1. Thanks for the reply. It appears the problem is with Windows 10 and some fonts not installing correctly to the Fonts folder. Maybe FontExpert is out of date or incompatible. I've tried the 'drag and drop to install' method (Settings>Personalization>Fonts) but that seems inconsistent. But right clicking and choosing 'install for all users' seems to do the trick. Thanks again for your help. Cheers Chris
  2. HI All, I recently purchased all three programs and moved to Windows 10 OS. I have a new PC so I'm starting from scratch - installing fonts onto my system. I'm still using Adobe CS6 products while I transition to Affinity, I have a lot of print files (Magazines, Ads, Flyers etc.) which use specific fonts that I have to continue using so in order to move I have to be able to access the font files in Affinity. I have hundreds of fonts Truetype, Open Type and Postscript Type 1. The installed fonts all showed up in my Adobe Suite but not in Affinity? I use FontExpert to manage installs but I have also tried installing directly to Win10 fonts folder. The results are quite random. I get a different (Limited) selection of installed fonts each time I open a program - and never the full range of typeface options (Light, medium, regular, bold etc) Is there a setting I am missing to activate the installed fonts? Any solutions welcome? Thanks in advance
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    Hi all, my name is Chris from Auckland New Zealand. I've been in the industry for a long time - way before computers took over the design process. After 20 years as a creative in Advertising, I got out and set up a small design business. I've been using Adobe products since CS2 and bought CS6 as Adobe moved to the subscription business model. I stuck with Windows 7 until recently - the end of support in January 2020 forced me to upgrade to Win 10. I had been looking for an alternative to Adobe because an earlier attempt to run CS6 on Win 10 had been a disaster and cost me $500 for an IT guy to fix. I found Serif by chance on a youtube video and after a bit of research I bought Photo, Designer and Publisher - I'm hoping they will replace PSD, AI and INDD as these are the programs I use every day. So far I've limited my training to Affinity Designer as I have a project that includes a lot of isometric illustrations. It's taking a bit of time to adjust and lose the urge to complete a task using AI methods but the more I learn, the more I like it. Right now I'm just hungry for as many tutorials as I can find. Looking forward to incorporating the whole package into my workflow. Cheers all