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  1. It's always a pleasure to go looking for a much needed feature and find it was promised years ago.
  2. The artboard setup of documents has any number of problems, worst of which is the inability to simultaneously configure document setup, guide, guides, and other attributes for multiple artboards in a document. Copying such settings between artboards would also be useful, including artboards in different documents. Also, Document > Setup: Margins is currently buggy when applied to an artboard. Making changes results in bizarre behavior, with inaccurate margins being set, or margins disappearing entirely. When making changes, it's usually necessary to set all margins to zero, close the dialog, then reset them them to the desired values. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Is it not possible to edit a macro? By "Edit" I mean edit, and not "Load", which would be a better far description of what happens when one ⌃clicks a macro in the Library panel and chooses "Edit." I'd like, for example, to remove steps from an existing macro. Unchecking steps and re-recording them quickly becomes unmanageable when trying to create macros of any length of complexity. There also appears to be no way to change the order of steps in an existing macro. Have I had insufficient coffee, or are these limitations real?
  4. I'm producing several books for print on demand. Such printers often impose CMYK ink coverage limits. All the research and experimentation I've done leads me to conclude that Affinity products lack this capability, and that producing a PDF compatible with, say, IngramSpark's 240% limit is not possible using Affinity products. Period. Yes, no, maybe? I'd like to be absolutely sure before I get out my credit card and once again submit to InDesign, Photoshop, et al. I'll refrain from ranting, but there is no work around too tedious, time consuming, or complex that I wouldn't prefer it to supporting Adobe. (If this sounds like begging, it's because I'm begging.)
  5. Thanks, but for the image to move with the text is precisely what I want: "…pin an object so that it remains at the bottom of the frame in which its pin resides when its pin moves between frames." I want the image to follow its pin.
  6. I'm unable to pin an object so that it remains at the bottom of the frame in which its pin resides when its pin moves between frames. No matter what settings I use, the object (a picture frame in this example) remains in the frame where it originated, regardless of where its pin ends up. It seems an common enough situation; what am I doing wrong? Example Doc.afpub
  7. Four years and nine months after this post, one has to wonder what "later" might mean. When my gnarled arthritic hands can no longer use a keyboard? In my next life, when I come back as a profoundly disappointed squirrel? When every other serious document production app on earth supports footnotes (aka "today")? Being new to the Affinity suite and this forum, I must confess my two-weeks-in reaction is "What have I gotten myself into?" This is just one of many years-old requests for basic features. Serif seems profoundly indifferent to the needs of its customers. I am… distressed.
  8. Fourteen months after this one of many such posts, one has to wonder what "later" means. When all Hell freezes over?
  9. Nearly four years after the initial post, folks are still begging for this simple feature offered by every other app in my arsenal that uses guides of any kind. May I politely suggest that someone, somewhere within Affinity attempt a primarily pale blue project? It's simply impossible. Whether or not I can use AP is determined by the color of the project. It's absurd.
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