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  1. Huh, turns out I did not have that enabled. I guess that resolved that bug. Or turns this into a feature request: dragging a guide into the workspace should turn guides on, and/or, guides should be on by default. Thanks!
  2. Currently on version 1.8.4, and macOS 10.14.5. The guides will only appear in the "ruler" section as you can see in on the top ruler one inch from the left.
  3. @Alfred Crimson Pro is the third iteration of the font. https://github.com/skosch/Crimson
  4. @knguyen as a fix, you can download Crimson Pro (it's not on Google Fonts, still free). It is something that can be exported to PDF.
  5. @Pauls just discovered that this crash also happens when I try and reorder pages via the Pages Tray.
  6. @Pauls It looks like it's only happening in one document. Is there a way to get the crash log? The Apple Crash Reporter tool doesn't actually pop up ever. It's more like the app just quits. Here's the results of me slowly deleting all the assets from a duplicate file and trying to figure out what's causing it: Inserting 2 pages works fine, it only crashes when 1 page is inserted Inserting before or after doesn't make a difference. I've attached the duplicate with zero assets, just a bunch of blank pages, in it as it still crashes the app for me. crash-test.afpub
  7. Using 1.8.2 on MacOS 10.14.5. Crashes every time I insert a page from the left hand Pages tray. Add page from the menu bar works fine.
  8. Yeah, I think it's from Google Fonts. Possibly Font Squirrel. I actually resolved it. I'm not sure why but there were multiple installed copies, only one was active (the OTF version). I reactivated all versions, then cleaned up the "multiple versions" error and now everything works as expected. Maybe Publisher is trying to use TTF files, and it craps out because they're disabled? No idea. But reseting the active/inactive/multiple versions states of fonts fixes it.
  9. This error has popped up again. Different font (Vollkorn). The font is working in the first row of the table. Fails in the paragraph, and the second column. It also displays correctly in the first column, however it has decided to reduce all the numbers by 1, so instead of that column going from 1-8, it now goes 0-7. It also no longer works in a file that it once worked in. Happy to send you some files as well. It also works when I export to all the other file formats.
  10. Interesting. Will give it a try. Although, as in my screen grab above Crimson Text works fine in one document, and not in the other.
  11. Also just noticed this. Doesn't happen all the time. For me it's specifically Crimson Text, Roman that goes all gobbledegook. Italics, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic all work fine. Just tried to create a test file to upload and it worked completely fine. Same font.
  12. Interestingly, for three different documents I get two different errors. 1. Can no longer reproduce error I described above. 2. Works. File printed. 3. Crashes the instant I hit Print, as described in original post.
  13. @Jon P this is also reproducible by changing options in the print dialogue. It happens to me when I go Print > Layout > Pages Per Sheet: <select anything>. Crash.
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