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  1. @AdamW, Wow! Fabulous! I hope it didn't drain away any resources from the 1.8 launch! thanks! Marcus
  2. @carl123, Cool, thanks for that feedback. I'll recreate it in 1.8 and be on my way. Peace, Marcus
  3. Hello, I'm able to open most, if not all, of my documents created prior to 1.8, but there is 1 file that causes a crash when I try to open it. I've attached it to this post. Macbook mid-2012, OS 10.15, Affinity Publisher 1.73/1.8 Handwriting_r1.afpub
  4. I'm getting a crash when trying to go into Print (cmd-p). Created new doc from scratch to replicate. No embedded documents. 3 linked. AP 1.7.2 OS 10.14.6 / MBP mid-2012 test.afpub
  5. I'm going to withdraw this. I contacted the developer of GraphicConverter and they have modified their tif import code such the this is no issue.
  6. No, I don't need the Dock all the time, but it took me quite a bit of time to figure out what to do. It was pretty frustrating to be partway through a file and then have to Force Quit to get out of the dead end. Obviously, now that I know of this workaround, that's no longer an issue, but should it be an issue at all?
  7. With a 13" MBP mid-2012 and the Apple Dock anchored to the bottom of the screen, there is a window combination where you would be required to Force Quit or go to Preferences and change where the Dock attaches. Example:
  8. Hi, I just used AP 1.7.0 to edit some black and white scans and noticed that they aren't rendered properly in GraphicConverter10.7 or 11.0 and are not recognized by LibreOffice Draw. Has anyone else noticed that their 16 bit grayscale .tifs are wonky? The 8 bit grayscale seem to be fine, BTW. MBP mid-2012, Mojave 10.14.5, AP 1.7.0
  9. Archive.zip 2017 033 - 18.tif only opens in "Develop persona, whereas 2017 033 - 19.tif opens as expected.
  10. Ian, just about 3 days ago I was at this point, too. The thing is, Affinity wants you to use their customer "beta" NOT the released app. The stability betas usually solve most issues. Give it a try.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to understand why Photo opens my black and white scans as RAW color files. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using scans from Epson Scan 3.9.4 at grayscale/16bit and saving them as .tif files with an embedded Epson 1.8 Gamma grayscale profile. Tried opening them with both Photo Beta 1.5.2 beta 5 and official release Photo 1.5.1 thanks, Marcus MacBook Pro mid-2012 Sierra 10.12.3
  12. Have you tried using their stability beta? Affinity recommends you not only try their beta but that it SHOULD be used as it will be more stable than the prior officially released version. (This makes sense, but it's weird to have the beta installed alongside the official release and to never use the official release)
  13. Not sure what's going on here. My file randomly stops rendering sometimes, though I can see placeholders for the elements I've added. In the past, I've simply closed and reopened the file. This time, however, this is all I've got (attached). Anyone else have this issue?
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