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  1. Hi David, I make self-published books, also. I use imposeonline.com which is free and very basic, but it works. I wish imposition in Publisher were more robust, too. good luck Marcus
  2. Archive.zip 2017 033 - 18.tif only opens in "Develop persona, whereas 2017 033 - 19.tif opens as expected.
  3. Ian, just about 3 days ago I was at this point, too. The thing is, Affinity wants you to use their customer "beta" NOT the released app. The stability betas usually solve most issues. Give it a try.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to understand why Photo opens my black and white scans as RAW color files. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using scans from Epson Scan 3.9.4 at grayscale/16bit and saving them as .tif files with an embedded Epson 1.8 Gamma grayscale profile. Tried opening them with both Photo Beta 1.5.2 beta 5 and official release Photo 1.5.1 thanks, Marcus MacBook Pro mid-2012 Sierra 10.12.3
  5. Have you tried using their stability beta? Affinity recommends you not only try their beta but that it SHOULD be used as it will be more stable than the prior officially released version. (This makes sense, but it's weird to have the beta installed alongside the official release and to never use the official release)
  6. Not sure what's going on here. My file randomly stops rendering sometimes, though I can see placeholders for the elements I've added. In the past, I've simply closed and reopened the file. This time, however, this is all I've got (attached). Anyone else have this issue?
  7. mkaneshiro

    Affinity Designer frequently hangs

    Yep, this has been plaguing me for a while (last couple months), too.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I killed all the other apps I'm running and it did seem to eliminate the issue.
  9. Not sure how I corrupted the .tif files, but that seems to be at the root of this issue. I was able to successfully open other .tifs (though none from the current batch--a roll of 35mm negatives). I'm planning on rescanning to create fresh .tifs.
  10. Hi, I've been using Photo to open my scanned .tif files. Up to this point, it has worked great. However, yesterday, I scanned a bunch of film and the files are opening with the "Develop" persona selected and it says the files have no profile so it is assigning one. This is new behavior for me. Prior to this, the photos have opened in the Photo persona and I've cropped and adjusted with no issue. Now, it appears I've got to actually Develop the file before I can continue. I'm using 1.5.1 on Mac OS 10.12.2 and this has been my configuration for about the last week or so, at least, so something seems to have changed within the last couple days, but I can't figure out what. I re-installed Photo but that doesn't seem to have helped. Thanks, Marcus
  11. Hi, I've been experiencing a lot of application hangs when using Designer 1.5.3 and 1.5.4. I'm copying Text Frames from one Artboard to another and the app will hang. I have to force it to quit. I'm running on a MacBook Pro mid-2012, OS 10.12.1 (Sierra). I have multiple nested Artboards. Could this be the reason? Are we not allowed to nest Artboards? I have 1 main Artboard, onto which I put 2 Artboards, and then put 2 more under each of those. Thanks, Marcus