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  1. I am very please to discover that the manual pointed to here appears just about complete in the iPad version of Photo https://affinity.help/photo/
  2. Thanks firstdefence. In this time of "confinement" it is useful to be able to make some quick colouring pages out of old family photos for the kids.
  3. Another thumbs up for XnViewMP which is a freebie and available on the Win, Mac and Linux platforms and is highly capable of doing many photo related things very efficiently. XnviewMP I would still like to see some kind of photo contact sheet maker in Publisher 😁
  4. ^ Thanks for pointing me to that resource which is indeed very useful.
  5. I am not a seasoned AP user but since having bought the photo app my curiosity has been piqued. I would also like to see some templates so that I could "understand by example". TIA
  6. Hi stokerg, thanks for the interest shown in the problem. Attached a crash log. Screen recording may be a bit more tricky... MobileMemory-2020-03-30-183434.ips
  7. Also adding my small voice for support for the Adonit pixel which is the only one that will work on my iPad 5th. generation. TIA
  8. I can open a jpg from my Leef external memory and edit it with Photo but when I come to save back to the Leef a modified version Photo crashes and quits. I am using Export / Share / More / Copy to MobileMemory Any help welcome. TIA iPad (5th generation) iOS 13.4 - Affinity Photo for iPad v1.8.2 - Leef application version 3.0.15(5) Firmware 4.2.62 * I have found a workaround. From the Leef opening screen I choose "Transfer Photos" then "Ipad photos to iAcess", select my photo then copy it to Leef. *
  9. I came across Affinity Photo whilst attempting to restore some old family photos that had been printed on "honeycombed" paper. After a bit of research I discovered that the FFT filter built into this app works well to remove the pattern.
  10. Many thanks Paul for your very detailed explanation which I have followed and now I can load images from my Google drive.
  11. I cannot find a way to open an image stored on my Google Drive from within Affinity Photo iPad. Please can someone guide me? TIA
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