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  1. I tried an experiment to pin a table into a column of text and set it to be inline. It flows with the text correctly. There is a video or two on pinning and inlining the pin (look for an Alice in Wonderland video). I have not tried to see what happens when a table must flow between two columns, or continue onto a next page. I suspect that the whole object will move over to the new column or page.
  2. I too, +1 for scripting - javascript preferred.
  3. Are there any plans to allow grouping fonts by directory? In InDesign, there is a fonts folder separate from the system fonts. I use this all the time to set specific directories for unique customers - without 'installing' them to the system. It is a mixed blessing though, because the same option is not available for the other Adobe products. With Affinity, I can see benefit to allowing a user to designate specific directories to scrape for fonts and add them to the font selection tool. If all three apps could reference that, you would leapfrog the competition. I know this borders a bit on a font manager, but that is a huge part of modern publishing.
  4. I make a LOT of use of InDesign's XML import capability. The granularity to which I can define character and paragraph styles that automatically get defined when importing has made my workflow faster than I ever thought possible (and I have XML records that can be scraped to build databases). If you could provide XML import in some fashion, I could fire Adobe and be perfectly happy with your product. Barring an import capability, is there any information on the Affinity File Format that has been published, or is it all proprietary? Thanks in advance for your replies
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