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  1. Hi @Old Bruce. The image was generated by a toy Mac app I wrote for simple interactive brush-based "painting". The image itself is just a "blob" or "stamp" of a brush. In fact, if you use the AP Paint Brush Tool to paint a single blob of a brush with width 1000 px, opacity 100% and hardness 0%, you will see something very similar.
  2. Hi @Hangman. Thank you for posting this workflow, however my bug report is that AP does not show transparency when loading the attached TIFF file. We've seen at least two workflows (including yours) to get it to do so _after_ the file has been loaded, but that's not really what my bug report is about. Cheers.
  3. When I load the attached TIFF file into AP 2.1.0, I only see black. However, this file has an alpha channel, and it should appear like a fuzzy black blob on a transparent background. I would expect that transparency to look like a checkerboard, like I see when loading the file in Photoshop.MetalPaint.tiff Please refer to the discussion here:
  4. Thank you everyone. I think this falls under the rubric of "bug or feature"... Following @lacerto's video instructions as referenced by @walt.farrell displays the image correctly (which should be black-on-transparent). Personally, I think this is a bug. If I open an image which is black-on-transparent, I shouldn't be faced with an all-black image, even if the alpha channel is still available somewhere. The default behavior should show black-on-checkerboard, IMHO, or at least something that contrasts with black (as is the case with the Preview app). This is consistent with Photoshop and Pixelmator.
  5. Hello, When I load the attached tiff into macOS Preview or Photoshop, I see a transparent background. When I load it in AP it shows solid black. How do I get it to show the transparency? (Or, why doesn't it show transparency in the first place?) I'm using AP 2.1.0 on macOS. Thank you very much. Michael MetalPaint.tiff
  6. I'm getting prompted to update to What's the difference between that and 2.0.4?
  7. Oh noes! I just realized I posted in the Publisher forum instead of the Photo forum! Let's try again!
  8. Well, I did it. I asked the question. I'm sure they'll get right on it. Top priority.
  9. What's the difference between 2.0.4 and
  10. Thank you, this is helpful. It would be great if they clarified whether is an additional patch on top of 2.0.4, and if it fixes anything else. I don't see information on that. It won't keep me up at night.
  11. I'm being prompted to upgrade to AP Where are the release notes? The only thing the prompt gives me is a link to https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/. Also, please put the release notes in your upgrade notice. Thanks.
  12. I suppose if you work with affinity files directly this simplifies the situation, however afaik affinity files have no direct interoperability with anything outside the affinity ecosystem (hence my other post requesting a file format sdk so devs can start supporting it).
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