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  1. I'm also interested in this, specifically support of processing a DITA or DocBook XML formats. However, a defined Affinity format that Samwise mentioned I could use XSLT to achieve would be useful as well.
  2. Pauls, I uploaded the pages file and the affinity pub file as well. I haven't tried the workaround I described yet.
  3. That's actually what I originally did but caused the initial crash. I linked a series of frames on 10 pages just as you described and then copy/pasted all the content from those 10 pages into Publisher which caused the original crash. I tried the other attempts as a workaround. To follow up, I asked a friend of mine to try the same thing on Windows and it crashed there as well. It is possible that there is some content in there that it doesn't like that got pulled from Pages. I'm going to try blowing away all the content, copy/paste into a text editor first, and then try putting it back into Publisher to see if it crashes again.
  4. I'm moving a zine I wrote from Apple Pages to Publisher. I've been copying/pasting the text from Pages into linked text boxes in Publisher using Paste Without Format. I was having no trouble doing this until I got a series of really long linked text boxes (about ten 8.5 x 5.5 inch pages worth). I pasted them in fine but I noticed I needed one more text box on an additional page. When I added it and tried linking it to the last one in the chain, Publisher crashed. So, I tried a few other things. I tried deleting the overflowing text, Publisher crashed. I tried copy/pasting the overflowing text, Publisher crashed. I was able to unlink the last text box in the chain but when I tried to cut/paste a little of the text, Publisher crashed again. I've attached a text file containing the crash logs from macOS. Publisher Crash.rtf
  5. Hi, I have always wanted to learn about document layout and book design. I recently purchased Affinity Publisher and was wondering if the community had any books or websites that would be a good resource for a fundamental understanding of the process. Apologies if this isn't the proper forum for this topic.

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