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  1. Please before you wade into Painter, as a software junkie can I suggest you look at Rebelle3, Artrage, and Painstorm, all great programs built on modern coding and designed by actual artists, and in reference to your original post you can't go too far wrong with Krita either. I would say that AP and AD are about as good at brush based art as their Adobe equivalents, which means they are a bit of a struggle but they can do the job if you have the pure will to fight through, but there is a reason all concept art looks the same.
  2. If you just want down and dirty and you have affinity photo you can select out the white and use the outline fx on the layers panel to create a hand drawn looking tracing. 20191002_00001_001.thumb.jpg.f4d7dc8036ed490d7159a552b226a159.afphoto
  3. Can we for once realise that even though AP is an alternative to PS it is not a clone. If you need that specific thing that PS does that Ap doesn't then use PS, or both, it so often seems that those who complain the most about missing features are the professionals who should be able to easily afford both.
  4. crunchysqueak

    Rasterise multiple layers.

    gdenby Thanks, this goes a bit of the way to solving the work flow, but the issue of now not having my objects on seperate layers means I have to perfect my arrangements very early in my process. Better but not perfect, I shall click on for now.
  5. I may be completely thick here but I can not seem to find a way to rasterise multiple layers at one go. I work with a lot of created geometric shapes, please do not tell me I have to click and manually rasterise them one by one, it would be too sad.
  6. crunchysqueak

    AP and topaz studio 2

    I just added it as another line in the photoshop plugins doohickey in the preferences.
  7. crunchysqueak

    AP and topaz studio 2

    Works fine on Win10, but keeping keeping studio 1 as a plugin as well for the fast preset views.
  8. Topaz Studio filters work very well with Photo, I am assuming then that most 3rd party plugins will also do the job.

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