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  1. I restarted iPad but doesn't help. Thanks for reply.
  2. It has been few days, any solution for the crash?
  3. For example, I want to crop that tree and use that tree somewhere else. I know how to do it with Affinity Photo. But my Affinity Photo on iPad keeps crashing so I can't get anything done now. I am wondering if I can use Affinity Designer, with pen tool to crop that tree?
  4. Can you open this file? Analytics-2019-10-08-031150.ips.ca (1).synced
  5. You mean that red circled is the "save to files"?
  6. I guess you are saying I need to find out which analytics data relates to the Photo Crash, right? But can I tell from the their name? or I need to click on and see the code to figure out?
  7. Would you mind showing me the whole process with a video? In your last video, I didn't see "Save to Files".
  8. I found the analytics. So I just choose "Share with App Developer"?
  9. I am sorry I don't know where the path is : Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data Is it In my iPad?
  10. The funny thing is, I worked with one file and I succeeded in output it just once. Then the second time I tried to output it with the same way and same file, it crashed. Then I haven't been able to output my selection anymore. The only thing different between those trials succeed and failure, it's the selection I made are different. But I don't believe it's the cause of crash.
  11. Here is how that crashes: https://youtu.be/_wJL5IInUTg
  12. The crash I am having, is that the App just quit automatically and my iPad returns to the home screen. Can't have any screenshot to demonstrate it.
  13. I am working with some photos which I downloaded from Google. Just for trial and see the effect. Those photos are from anywhere, the blog, news, the retailer website... What I am trying is to select some elements in the photos and use it somewhere. But everytime when I finished the selection and apply "output", the whole APP quit for no reason, no backup. But if I use the photo I took myself, the APP allows me to output. So, I am wondering if the what cause the issue is the photo that I downloaded from unknown source?
  14. It seems to me that my Photo App keeps crashing too, when I tried to output my selection.

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