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  1. Thank you allot I really do appriciate it now I see the explanation I get it a little more and do see how this would help in surtain cases I think this might be usefull. well I use photo for allot of photo manipulations but I also use text allot and shapes so this will be a wise investment. ( I was asking cus of vakation pay I have some money to invest... (If I can't make my boss to pay for it)) 😂 And @Alfred thank you for the suggestion I will give it a try
  2. Dear, well everyone. I have a question and could you awnser this as if I am a noob to designer? (cus I kinda am). What is the difference between affinity designer and photo? This is not a joke question I would just like to know if it would help me in my work. And sorry if I ask something stupid 🙃 to be hounest I don't even know what vector means Thanks Marco
  3. @haakoo You are correct I should have explained the problem better. Sorry about that. No it's not a plugin I am trying to get the same results in affinity as I would in photoshop but I couldn't find the correct filter in affinity. I have the full version of affinity photo I bought it a few months back. I am working on a project where I need to make an image of two galaxies colliding with eachother. Thank you for your responce, Marco @firstdefence That's correct will try this, thank you Also thank you for responding Marco
  4. I hope it is not against the rules to bump the topic if so I am sorry... Problem is this is for a project I have to do for work...
  5. Does anyone know the affinity photo way of "filter" -> "render" -> "fiber" Can't find it on google. Thank you in advanced sorry for the black box i made a copy ..
  6. You'r right I made a litle mistake. When I made the layer in a pixel layer I didn't read the the dialog box wel enough... the presurve fx box was checked... My appoligies if I wasted your time... but you didt help me by telling me where I should look because I was looking all over the programm Thank you for you msg and best wishes to you to, Marco
  7. Hey everyone hope your all having a great day. I have small question and hope it wassn't asked before but I had no idea on how to search it. when I use the pen tool I fill the selection with a colour and ad a fx to it (outline)... Next I want to paint out a part of the outline but when I do that affinity automatacly apply's the outline again. I woul really appriciate your help. Thank you in advance. cheers, Marco
  8. Thank you so much I really appriciate it I do want to say if you ever need a revieuw on the quallity of you programs or services please let me know I would give it a 10
  9. Hey Dan Thank you for understanding. I havn't changed the settings of the app, but I am glad I can help with this. My installation of this app is in dutch, I do not know if this affects the backup ( please let me know if I need to change the language and make another backup. Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it. Cheers, Marco backup_amm.zip
  10. Hey Dan I owe you an appoligy...I opend affinity after a reboot really fast before all programms could be loaded... this is why I tought it was my browser. I closed all apps ( programms ) one by one and looked if affintiy worked.. it turned out to be the programm "actual multiple monitors" this is a programm I needed to install for my drawing tablet ( parblo ). I am going to uninstall it because my tablet runs fine without this programm... but I will wait with this if you need me to do tests or some trouble shouting or something. I am really sorry if I wasted your time with this problem Thank you and sorry, Marco
  11. Hey Dan I disabled the firewall completely and the crash still happends, I don't know if this helps but the crash happens just seccond before loading the welcome screen. I included a rar file in the post... In it there are 3 files... Thank you Edit: I do seem to be able to open images directly by opening them from the windows inteface. (open with) -> (affinity Photo) reports.rar
  12. Hey dan C Thank you for your reply. Your right it is an very strange problem, to be hounest I tested the problem a few times just because I couldn't belief a browser could cause this problem. - I am using windows 10. - The browser is google chrome. - I am using comodo firewall. Should I dm the file to you or add it to the post? Thank you for your reply and helping me with this. Thanks in advanced, Marco
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