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  1. Hi @Sean P that is correct: it only happens on Canvas rotations that aren't 0/90//180/270 degrees! Are there any updates on this bugfix? It's one of the few things that ends up being quite distracting.
  2. I second this: it’s the only feature that i got photo for, but I like designer more
  3. That's okay! The forum categories (i.e. this being filed under iPad) are not very prominent if you're sorting by new posts.
  4. While at times i regret the purchase, I also regret my procreate purchase as well. (And more often use designer than procreate) Affinity Designer as better resize/panning tools and I love that you can use artboards, which is super important if you want to have the other images in your story/comic strip side-by-side rather than needing to exit→look at last panel in a separate file→return. (Exiting a document in procreate causes your undo history to be lost, and creating one-large image for an entire strip won't work well since the uploading sites, e.g. Webtoons, require comics to be broken into panels. Furthermore, Procreate's max layer foolishness really constrains you if you try to create one large image, even if all your layers only have a small amount of pixels.
  5. Oh wow, disabling the "automatically Hide UI in preferences" seems to have helped stop the UI randomly re-appearing! This looks like a bug that could definitely be resolved by an additional boolean toggle under the hood (e.g. did the user trigger this fullscreen? if yes, don't bring back in the tools until they slide in). I've attempted to get a drawing glove from my local art stores but they don't have any... Thank you for your help!
  6. Thank you for this tip! This issue has haunted me for a long while as well – and made me resort to only the pixel persona for artwork as of right now. Have definitely seen it reported in other posts as well....
  7. Love it! Would be cool to see if part of the dog was submerged as well, and he was casting a slight shadow (based on the shadow of the jets, it looks like he should be casting one), and possibly giving him some water-y highlights. Otherwise, superb work Especially with making the background transparent
  8. +1 as well.... or at the very least, a way to quickly toggle between the two apps instead of being forced to save to disk, import, then make edits, save to disk again, import in original program... I understand that Serif has purposely omitted functions in order to prevent too much overlap, but on desktop with studiolink it’s so easy to switch between programs
  9. I would love to get this too! Floating panels even for a limited selection (e.g. colour picker and layers) would be greatly appreciated, especially if they shrink in size a little (like procreate’s).
  10. Thank you for the reply - as I mentioned in the second paragraph of my post, I realise that this would be fine with studiolink (the feature of publisher that lets you quickly switch between personas): but Publisher doesn't exist on iPad. I also know of the File → edit in Designer/Photo trick, but that doesn't seem to be a thing in the iPad versions. I also just found out that Affinity Designer has a "gaussian blur" FX tool, so I think I'll be going back to Affinity Designer if I need artboards for my current piece. (More annoying than anything, though)
  11. Hello, Affinity photo doesn't support artboard creation, even though it very much supports artboards. I can create artboards in affinity designer and import the file into affinity photo and will then have access to duplicate/resize/move artboards, but I'd very much appreciate if Affinity Photo could do this natively! It would be fine if this was on desktop with StudioLink to quickly open the file with the system I need, but it's a tedious and clumsy task to switch between programs... clicking save > it being saved as, for example, untitled_1 even though I've named the document > attempting to import from the companion app... Background for why this is so important: I'm hobbyist comic artist and was previously using Procreate to make my artwork – I switched to Affinity Designer due to enjoying the brushing experience more, not having layer limits, and most importantly, having the ability to use artboards (and export in slices). Making comics for instagram means that each panel is a separate image, which is a truly useful tool to have with Artboards. Artboards act as multiple pages of my workflow, which is invaluable! Recently, however, I discovered that Affinity Designer doesn't support gaussian/perspective blur, so I switched to Affinity Photo to get that "out-of-focus" look for my art. That's when, much to my dismay, I realised that Affinity Photo doesn't support artboard creation! I would also appreciate it if affinity photo had an option to save to camera roll... rather than some location on my files app. (Also, can we change the default name of "background" to being the name of the document???)
  12. Thank you for your video, @Multi4G! For opacity, is there a way to have multiple strokes with a low opacity (say, 25%) behave as if they were only one continuous stroke? Sometimes I will be colouring in a drawing and I will want to keep a consistent opacity for my brush strokes. This way I can change the opacity of my brush on the fly to achieve control over a wide range of opacities rather than being forced to just draw at 100% opacity and move the layer's entire opacity down to, for example, 50% to achieve a consistent shading experience. A different program I've used has called this kind of operation a "marker style blending option".
  13. Y'know, I haven't used on iPad yet! I used it on my surface with a keyboard handy – the issue is the kind of lines that I am making. My artwork is more like individual brush strokes, so it's less of reshaping one continuous shape as much as it is removing any ends of the strokes that appear in my path... Something like this comic making program's vector eraser is what I'm thinking of. Something that allows artists to quickly brush on vectors, and then use an eraser to obliterate multiple curves along their path.
  14. This is the biggest reason why I only use pixel persona in affinity designer. The second biggest reason is the lack of a vector erasing tool beyond masking.
  15. Any chance of this also being used to let us save documents to more diverse locations? (i.e. OneDrive – my family's Office 365 subscription comes with 1 TB cloud storage for us all, so it's the main cloud storage service that I use since it's already something we're paying for)
  16. Also, I’d wish for this to be accurate to the highest available size at max pressure: some of the preset brushes (pixel: inks > comic g pen) have the pressure sensitivity set to 50% size at max pressure (presumably to make brushes less pressure sensitive: a 4x increase in pressure is only a 2x change in size on a linear brush )
  17. I disagree: slide-over forces me to constantly “fling” my app from one side of the screen to the other to access tools. In split-view I generally keep it in the 70:30 ratio that you can access in addition to the 50:50 ratio. If it’s nice in procreate, it’s nice in affinity designer
  18. I second this! At the very least, I think split screen on a larger device (e.g. iPad Pro) would still have much screen real estate available for working with, even if the UI isn’t changed in any way. This would be useful for having a second app open side by side, allowing us to have our reference images in a separate app than needing to import them every time. Getting slide-over to work seems like a major UI overhaul in @marcelliino’s concept, but could be a long-term goal!
  19. Nice work with your webtoon! I'm someone looking to move completely to Affinity Designer on my iPad! Out of curiosity, why do you: do all of the inking / flatting in procreate but not finish up the colours in procreate? (Or why not do inking/flatting/colour work purely in affinity photo?) do the lettering in Publisher? I don't heavily use Affinity Photo but surely it can do all the lettering just as easily? (Or affinity designer for that matter) It would explain a lot if you were doing the quick-switch features that are available to hop between the different programs, however... (are you using Photo/Designer on the iPad?)
  20. Hi, I've noticed that Affinity Designer when working with vector or with pixel there will be times where the anti-aliasing is straight up jagged at regular levels of zoom. This jaggedness is quite distracting and is one of the major reasons why for a while I was using other drawing apps – but I really want to get back to Affinity Designer! See the attached image for a demonstration of what I mean: the top half is the poor aliasing, while the bottom half is the good aliasing. The red squares are where I zoomed in on the image on the left → took a screenshot → pasted the magnified (& pixelated image). It's hard to depict how noticeable this is on your own screen/via an image, but it is very real. Between the two red squares is a third screenshot of the original document where I zoomed in using affinity designer and took a full screenshot (470% zoom) to show where the pixels are actually located on the source document!
  21. There is no clone / healing brush in affinity designer: for that, you'd have to use Affinity photo.
  22. Hi all, The full-screen option on Affinity Designer for iPad is almost completely broken on the iPad pro. Using my smaller 11" iPad pro, according to a user in this previous report of the bug, my palm is micro-triggering the iPad home menu bar, which causes fullscreen mode to be toggled off. On another note, sometimes I'll be drawing and the context toolbar for brushes will not use palm rejection and random settings will be toggled on (I frequently inadvertently toggle on the "wet edges" setting) It would be quite useful for me if this context bar could be toggled to move to the top of the screen or the left of the screen.
  23. Hi all, I added guidelines to my artwork: I need to split it into four quadrants for my 4-panel comic (and unfortunately grid line custom settings doesn't let me increase square size beyond 256 px..., so grid is of no use to me). I successfully added the blue guidelines, but when in pixel persona on almost any tool, such as the brush tool, the guidelines are hidden from view. Super strange, and super annoying. This seems like an continuation of a bug in an earlier version of Affinity Designer:
  24. This same thing is happening on affinity designer for iPad, super frustrating. AD seems intent in adding in the brush head/tail even though it’s a closed shape. Any solutions yet?
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