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  1. I'm familiar with Serif's history, but my concern still remains. As I said, I'm not a developer, but I do work with a lot of GPU programmers. With OpenGL being deprecated on Mac and the rise of it's modern replacement, Metal, there's really no Windows equivalent. There's Vulkan, but I believe that is still in it's infancy if I'm not mistaken? That being the case, it's entirely feasible that the future of Affinity products is one where Mac versions greatly out perform Windows versions to the point that Windows sales become over-shadowed, and it's no longer worth maintaining 2 separate code bases, relying on two separate APIs. I realize I'm raising concerns that are hard to answer on a public forum, and I mean no disrespect. I love you guys! But I also love the freedom of building my own systems, and don't want to have to shell out for the new Mac Pro Cheese Grater when I could built a system just as powerful for a fraction of the price.
  2. Hello. I have a small concern I'm hoping the Affinity team can address. First of all, I'm aware that GPU acceleration on Windows has additional hurdles and is currently in development. However, you are a relatively small team of devs who is now having to maintain a larger separate set of code for the Metal API. As I understand it, Metal is a godsend to graphics developers, and is far superior to OpenGL (aside from being closed). I'm not sure if you're going this route, but I'm guessing Vulkan would be the answer to Metal on Windows, though I'm not too familiar with the current state of that API (I'm not a developer). Anyway, my concern is, as an artist and Windows user looking to throw all his design eggs in the Affinity basket, are you guys sticking with Windows for the long haul? Your press conferences and advertisements feel very Apple-centric, and I'm worried that you will decide maintaining one set of code for the stereotypical "designers that use Macs" is the way to go. I guess what it comes down to if you're able to answer this is; Is your number of Affinity for Windows users big enough that I don't need to worry? Thank you, and you guys are awesome!
  3. I'm disappointed... ...Opened up Designer to get some serious work done this morning, and thanks to you lot at Serif, I've now spent the last few hours playing with the new features. So thanks for that!
  4. Well that's too bad. At least it's not much of a workflow buster. Thanks for the tip, and the welcome.
  5. Hello. First time poster here. In the process of migrating to Designer and still learning the ropes. I'm using an Intuos which of course has the benefit of pressure. However, there are times when I need to quickly draw many perfectly tapered strokes using the Brush tool without having to worry about being precise with my pressure. With the mouse, I can set up the pressure profile as needed, which is then automatically applied to my strokes as I draw them. I can't seem to do this with the tablet. With the available controller options and the additional options in the More settings panel, I either have real pressure, velocity, or none. Automatic and Brush Defaults use real pressure. It seems I'm able to get what I want with the Pencil tool, but no luck with the Brush tool. Anything I might be missing here? Is simulated pressure possible using the brush tool and a tablet? Thanks for any insight
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