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  1. How can I install a font in Affinity Publisher? I found a font on Fontsquirrel that a client liked and I don't know how to get it into Publisher. I have searched the web and the help but there is no information on how to do it. I'm on OS X High Sierra.
  2. Thanks - I dragged until they touched, but one has to actually move the whole application to the right so you can move the panel far enough to the left for docking. Which I did, and now it's docked!
  3. I also have problem. My pages panel became undocked, and I cannot dock it again.
  4. I clicked somewhere wrong and my pages panel disappeared. When I put it back I cannot get it the way it was. It either covers up my toolbar to the left... ... or when I dock it, the font chooser decides to show BENEATH the panel. How can I get rid of this behavior and make it as it was? Where the panel is just docked and doesn't get in the way? I'm attaching the covered up font chooser by the docked panel.
  5. Embedding video and sound would be nice. I have a magazine, and at the moment it's just text and images. But I'd love to make it multi-media.
  6. 100$/year - too expensive to balance out a weakness in OS X. I wish new software versions would fix key things that don't work well instead of gadgety new "features" only geeks and nerds like to play with but nobody actually needs. So we get messy things like junk fonts you cannot turn off, Mac OS X having trouble building thumbnails from larger images, but we cannot remove fonts that you wouldn't use in a thousand years like all those Asian fonts, dingbat, comic sans, all those cheesy handwriting fonts...
  7. Yes, I am using the favorite feature. Garrett, your idea of disabling fonts from displaying would one feature I'd like on the OS for Mac. And I agree that I don't want to mess with the font book and uninstall fonts there... you never know what problems you could create down the road. The good fonts are hiding between "chalk" and "comic" and a lot of cheesy handwriting and useless dingbat style symbol "fonts". After over a quarter century of OS development, individualization of a system is a must. But instead, we are getting useless and cluttering features from software developers who do not ever seem to use the software they are working for - or we wouldn't have all those clutter-beasts.
  8. And one other thing - aligning an element to the center is not working well, either. I often have to move left-right-left-right for several times until finally that green light flashes. Finding the center line up/down is easy. Please fix that sluggish left/right align center function - which is also the much more important one.
  9. The list of fonts is very long - and you can create favorites. But sometimes you are looking for a new font. And you don't want to browse through junk fonts like "Comic Sans" - because you will never pick that font. Actually, you should be punished by twelve strikes to the naked soles of your feet if you ever feel "Comic Sans" is a good choice. There are quite many such junk fonts. Can you delete them? Or at least have them no longer show up in the long list of fonts - and have a long list that actually consists of good fonts?
  10. Thank you Garrett, This was exactly what I was asking about. Much appreciated!
  11. Maybe my question wasn't clear enough formulated: When you create a new document, you put in pixel dimensions, choose if it is for print or online, set up bleed or no bleed, and if pictures are embedded and linked to.... I'd like to just pick the template "magazine" where all this is set, and I can start working, or the template "postcard", which is designed for print, or the template "business card" My current work around is to copy the last document and clean out the content and create. A template chooser when you open Affinity Publisher would be a good option I think. PS: I do not mean to get a selection of pre-installed templates as we get in word processors. Those are always ugly beyond belief. I only mean to save PREFERENCES FOR NEW DOCUMENTS that we ourselves create.
  12. I have a good setup for my magazine - and I'd like to save it as a template, so I can start up a fresh document from it. Is this possible in Publisher? It would be great if it were so I can just click the template and don't have to worry setting up preferences each time.
  13. Today I blew up the artistic text tool. It no longer works properly. As a text I wrote "image format 1: 1,34" I never got to the "1,34". Somehow the ":" was understood like a programming character. It expanded the text window to quadruple the page width. And now, whenever I want to use the text tool, I only get that "1:" and cannot type anything into the text box any more. Really bad bug. Edit: solution I saved the document. Closed the app. Reopened. And I could use the artistic text tool again. Would still be great to get that bug fixed.
  14. Thank you, Carl! The problem is: "release mask" is grayed out and does not work.
  15. I don't see a point in linking. I'd like all images of a design in the file. You move the file, you won't get all your images unlinked. Maybe if you created a huge number of documents, 100's and they all stay on your computer, linking would be a good idea. Even with software that has much larger file sizes, like Final Cut Pro X, where you can get libraries going over 100GB, embedding is better. In Affinity, I always embed. Just working on a 60+ page document. Not the slightest bit sluggish, as long as you are using JPEGs.
  16. Masks are so awkward in Publisher. It's one of the weak spots. For example: I masked a rectangular image to become a square image to fit a design. Then I wanted to move the image, but have the mask stay in place. No problem in Photoshop. Not possible in Publisher. It's like they are glued together. I also cannot: Delete masks, but not the image it is masking Copying a mask, so I can use the same mask for other images to create a graphic pattern There is nothing much about masks in the help. So I hope someone proficient with design/publishing software can give me a hint.
  17. I finally could create a vector mask, pull it on top of the file I want to mask. Worked well. Now I want to exchange the file that is masked. I tried to pull the mask off the file - doesn't work. They are like glued together. I can't delete the mask, I can't copy it. All I can do is delete both mask and file. But I need the mask because I need its precise size. How do I get a mask unstuck from the object it is masking. Currently, if I select the mask, the object is masks is also selected and I can't do anything.
  18. I am creating a number of text fields with the artistic text tool. I use Courier new non-bold adjustment left. Every time I start a new field it has courier new bold, central adjusted, and I have to select all and adjust it again. Why does the tool not remember the last use and stick to it - and how can I make it do that?
  19. Another problem: I like to put in words in lower case - and every time Affinity capitalizes it. I didn't find a setting to turns spellcheck off - how can I get rid of this annoying behavior where the software wants to dictate me how to write my words?
  20. It is very nice to work with and doesn't gauge you with monthly subscription fees. For a version 1 it is very stable and has not too many quirks. And it's fun to use and create with it. Very intuitive for such a complex software. I see Apple Pages listed here.... creating even a simple document in Pages is a task comparable only to capital punishment.
  21. One thing I noticed in the help section: make sure you define your terms. For true help, please do this: 1.define term, say what a tool does (which goal to achieve) 2. provide step by step to reach that goal. Currently, help lists a tool, doesn't tell what it precisely does, doesn't list steps. It isn't a text to show a newcomer what tools to use, why to use which tool, and how to do it.
  22. I use the artistic text tool a lot - it's great but it needs improvement. Editing text is a mess. I often have the problem to get the cursor in the text. Double-clicking often doesn't always work. Cursor visibility is bad. I just had to delete text where I could not add any letters. It is almost impossible to do corrections to rotated text. I had an example where the text was rotated 90 degrees and I could not get the cursor in to edit it. Even after double clicking and select all I couldn't see the cursor. I couldn't add text at the end, only at the beginning. I couldn't move the cursor as it was invisible. This is a bug that needs to be fixed. The artistic text tool works the same way as in photoshop, only in Publisher it is finicky, and blunt in response to click action and poor in feedback where you are working as you often can't see the cursor.
  23. Thanks, Walt, I got it going. The dragging of the mask on top of the picture just is so finicky. That little upward rectangle appears on the layer with the image in it, and you let go, but often it doesn't mask then but just slides off and covers the whole page. Something's not working too well here, so I'm using now the submenu when you click the right button via your stylus.
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