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  1. Follow-up on this thread. Last week rebuilt my windows computer from scratch...SSD formatted, and then fresh install of Win 10 1903, drivers, updates, and all software. Running the latest 1.7.3 Publisher. Worked up the courage to create a job, and BOOM!...thirty minutes into the job, a corrupt file. Could not save! I started removing placed eps files and found one that when removed, allowed me to save the file. Pasting same file back in then causes the file to go corrupt. Doing a new placement of the EPS file I can then save...for the time being. When this happened to me previously, I thought I found the offending file, but it was a false positive as later on another file, that was already placed in the document, became an offender. Very random. So, I am stepping away from Publisher now with a strong No confidence vote, and returning to InDesign. I really want to give Pub a good run but will not subject my workflow to this fear of corruption. Perhaps a couple versions down the line I will try again. :(
  2. @Arghmath - Yes. Updated to the most recent release. Installed the current Beta as well, but have not had time to use it yet.
  3. I've never used "My Documents". Have always created my own folder/subfolder system.
  4. >>I'd appreciate if you could have patience and continue troubleshooting these issues for a while, as I think this could help us all to have a true alternative in this business!<< Absolutely. I'm patient with this stuff. Hope I didn't sound impatient. Since I had a few files go bad, I have resorted back to InDesign, but will try to fit a few simpler jobs into using Pub. Just can't risk doing a lot of work then getting stuck like this again. I'd love to see Affinity succeed and be a direct competitor to the other company. Thanks for all of your input!
  5. Just checked and default alignment is set to Selection Bounds for both H and V. So the final alignment I am seeing is not even applicable as Spread was never selected...almost like changing the color of one of the elements for some random reason. I agree with your OK button and modal descriptions.
  6. I ran some disk diagnostics, chkdsk, etc. All appears fine from doing so. Drives are: C: = AMD-RAID PC401 NVMe SK hy SCSI D: = NVME Samsung SSD 970 SCSI C is listed as RAID but I am not using any sort of RAID. Stock from Dell. Just curious why all the talk about network drives and bad drives being a cause of this issue. Never experienced any sort of saving issues with software other than Affinity. @Lagarto - Running two physical drives.
  7. Additionally, on another note, why do I have to select the OK button when I am done aligning? How about hitting Return to close that box? I can select the OK button or just select some random place on the canvas to close, but not the okay button. Requires a hand to mouse movement that is necessary. Same question goes to a spread setup. Enter your width, tab to height, then have to select OK. How about Enter width and Tab to height then just hit enter? I am already on the keyboard tabbing and typing numbers. I look at this not as a bug, but as a needed improvement to the program.
  8. I feel that the program should allow me to group during the alignment stage, as I have selected the alignments I want. What it is doing is rather crazy and goes not account for what the user is doing. The program is doing - Strange undo without telling me - move your objects back to where they were in the beginning - grouping the items (as I asked for while alignining) - taking that grouped set and for a reason never selected, middle aligning to the spread my grouped but unaligned elements If the system is going to ignore the alignment I am selecting and make grouping the priority, yet the alignment window stay open and active, should there not be some warning that you can't group while aligning, or automatic closure of the alignment window upon the cntrl-G? How can the middle align to spread come into play when it was never a part of the game. Feels very buggy to me.
  9. @Arghmath - Having the same issue with Publisher. Lost a few files because of this. One of the files give me the error "The file type is not supported" which may be caused by the corrupt file have a size of 0 KB. Is there any attachment to your file and it possibly being an Illustrator file at one time? Perhaps originally created in AI, but then saved as EPS then opened in AD and saved and worked on as a Designer file? Hope a solution is found soon.
  10. Hello, Happens in both Publisher, and Publisher BETA Windows 10. Dell 7530 Precision laptop. Have come across a bug in my workflow when aligning and grouping the aligned items. I have attached 5 images to show the steps and results. Here is a step by step to reproduce: New document. Place 3 objects on the canvas. Select all three items Select the Alignment button at top middle of screen (above ruler) In the Align Horizontally section, select Selection Bounds Select Space Horizontally In the Align Vertically section, select Selection Bounds Select Align Middle Don't hit the OK button yet. Items are now aligned and spaced as expected. On the keyboard, group those items using Control-G Items jump back to original layout, unaligned and unspaced. Now hit the OK button. The unaligned and unspaced items now jump down the page and are Aligned Middle to the spread. It is step 10, Grouping the items before hitting the OK button to close the Alignment panel. Let me know if you need further explanation. Lynn
  11. @Pauls - I am on all local drives that reside within my laptop. @lagarto - When experiencing my issues, all work has been done in Publisher. Not using Studio Link if that is what you are referring to. I removed and reloaded Publisher the other day as well as loading the current Beta, but am a little gun shy to use it for real work now that I have had this issue. Sticking to InDesign, but know I have to spend some time in Pub again to see if these issues remain. Thanks for the support and questions guys.
  12. I uninstalled and am reinstalling. As with the first install, I left the default install location as is. It is being installed to "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher". Not that it should matter, but all working files exist on my additional internal D drive. My folder structure for all of my files are saved in a "d:\_documents\<whatever client name folder>\<whatever job it is folder>". I'd hope that the underscore in the folder name would not cause an issue. If it did, I'd expect this weird behavior with all of my Pub files. Thanks for your continued input on this issue!
  13. @Lagarto - I will try a reinstall. @Pauls - I uploaded files
  14. Be sure you keep a good copy of your file, especially since it is so long. I have run into this problem a few times now. One of my files I can no longer open. Says it is not a publisher file, even though it is.
  15. Thank you all for the replies. @Lagarto - Don't have an external drive at my location to save to. I have ran diagnostics on my drive and all comes up fine. Publisher is the only program I have run into problems with. I have placed that file in other documents to test and really don't believe the issue is related to that particular file as I have run into this issue now multiple times without using that file. @Brian - I am going back to InDesign until this can get figured out. Can risk having a file go bad without any sort of recovery file access. @Pauls - Free space is 527GB. I had a different file go bad on me today. Same error but nothing to do with those other files that I referenced, thus it is telling me the issue is not with the files being placed, but perhaps with Publisher. I can no longer trust Publisher, so unfortunately I am going back to InDesign. I really wanted to believe in Publisher, but just can't right now with this major bug. I will give it a try after a couple more updates perhaps. Not sure if sending in one of my bad files would help Affinity diagnose. Asked for email address to send to in initial post, if there is interest from them. Open to other suggestions for what might be going on or what to try. Thanks, Lynn
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