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  1. Hey Has there been any idea on whether we can get this feature at some point? I'd really like to not have to sub to adobe for indesign just for this one thing.
  2. Maybe there already is this function and I just don't know because I don't yet know how to make interactive PDFs at all but absolutely will need to know in the future. What functionality I need is to be able to have images that change when you click them, I'll give an example. I have an image of a man I click the man's head to cycle through hat choices I click his torso to cycle through tshirt choices I click his legs to cycle through trouser (pants) choices When I am happy with the choices I can then print the image of the man with the choices I selected This is a very basic example but sums up what I need to do with it, I know it is possible to do, I've seen it I just don't know how and would like that functionality in Publisher rather than having to deal with Adobe.
  3. Hello! It was suggested to me to create a feature request thread concerning the ability to create interactive PDFs in Publisher. I had asked if this was possible currently in Publisher and unfortunately it isn't so I am asking if it could be a considered feature as it would be awesome to have and not having to deal with Adobe's products (InDesign) to be able to make them. I'm sure other users would find the ability to create interactive PDFs in Publisher to be super useful, not just myself haha. Kind regards Krane
  4. Darn that is a shame, I will definitely make a feature request then as it would be great if we got the functionality.
  5. I'm sorry if this has been covered before but I honestly cannot find what I'm looking for, it may not be out there or I may just be stupid. My question is: Can I use Publisher to create interactive PDFs? I know InDesign can do it but I have no interest in using Adobe products. In the future I will need to create PDFs with certain interactivity in them as part of my product line and would like to know if I can use Publisher to do this before I go ahead and buy it. If you're wondering why don't I just go into Publisher's free trial and see, well I don't know how to make interactive PDFs yet so would have no idea where to even start with that. Thank you Krane
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