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  1. Thanks for the feedback Jon! I agree that it doesnt seem like a normal thing and could be a bug so I'm glad you guys are going to look into it. Its literally the first thing, other than a crash that I couldnt reproduce that I've seen in the beta that I would qualify as a bug. You guys are building a SOLID product here. I've got a way forward either way!
  2. So, Master page for a single page might be my only option. In this case I'd need a master page for my first page if it is by itself and if the last page is a single page as well I'll need the same. Shame the master page I DO have gets cut weird, because I spent a LOT of time setting up guides on it
  3. No luck there either. "the file appears to be corrupt" My ones still open fine.
  4. Forums must be doing something to the files when they are uploaded. That one downloads and says it is corrupted
  5. So this is to be expected? When I send this to the printers it will be fine? What confuses me is that even if I extend the background on each side the that white doesnt go away. And it doesnt appear on the last page either. When I set the background to be bigger than the bleed area (or the entire canvas) it still shows up but only on that first page.
  6. Hopefully this helps. This is a google drive link to the same file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gwPbb5ue-te_AMLBsfB5-5NkMe-winNc/view?usp=sharing I get resource error because I'm missing a PNG but that is all when I open from there.
  7. Here they are! Hopefully it helps! I'd really like to get this sorted because I feel like if I have to go back and mess with my design when I'm 50+ pages in I'll die a little on the inside troubleshooting.pdf troubleshooting.afpub
  8. I'll have to cut out everything but the first two pages because its all info that will be going into a book for sale but I can do that yep! Should I just attach my .afpub file of the project?
  9. It DOES show up when I set to export as PDF with bleed turned on. I just don't see it on any other page, only the first, which is why I was wondering if there is a fix or a setting for this
  10. Hey there! I'm working on a book using affinity publisher and when I export I get a white line on the side of my first page. All other pages look fine but not this one. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is a setting I've missed. I've poked around, reapplied my master (which I use for everything) and it still doesn't look right. Thoughts?
  11. Last night I started on the layout work for a book I've been writing for the last 9 months. I know Affinity Publisher is still in beta but the ease of laying out my introduction chapter makes me SO excited to do the rest of the work!