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  1. It is interesting that I had a number of documents that showed they were Affinity Publisher ones which I never tried to open with Afpub. They were old documents from Ready,Set,Go.
  2. You are right. That doesn't make sense. Perhaps it was from my old desktop publishing program, ReadySetGo. No wonder it wouldn't open. I checked an April document and it opened just fine. I am so sorry that I bothered you with this. Thanks for your patience.
  3. I added .afpub to the end of the file name which gave it the logo, but it still will not open. It says the file is not supported.
  4. Yes, I have been using the new Affinity Publisher. Name & Extension just shows the name of the document. I do have the Affinity Publisher beta installer, etc., saved on the hard drive.
  5. I just clicked ... Enable: All Applications and APub appeared. Perhaps this will work. No, it did not work after I clicked back on change all documents to open with the new APub.
  6. Jeremy, here is the document.
  7. Jeremy Bohn, I went to "Get info" and under "Open with" I selected "Other" as the new APub was not an option. It went to the Application folder, but APub was not in bold print and could not be selected. Affinity Photo was in bold print. What do I try now?
  8. Thanks, fde101! That works perfectly. I appreciate your help.
  9. I have PDF Expert ($80) which allows editing of PDF documents which I purchased before finding Affinity Publisher. It has a free trial period. I was hoping Affinity Publisher would allow these documents to be edited and am just now searching the topic.
  10. I saw a pencil in one of the tutorial videos and wondered. Under "Stroke" one can vary line size, etc., but no way to get a line except make a very narrow rectangle or around shapes. My old desktop publishing program had texture to apply to lines with a line tool and a pencil. I hope those can be integrated into Publisher.
  11. Where might I find a pencil or brush tool in Affinity Publisher?
  12. Snowflake White Invisible Background.pdf
  13. v_kyr ... Thank you for the tip regarding opening a PDF file.
  14. I thank both of you so much for all of the time and effort you put into helping me do this task. I now believe I can repeat it again and again right away to know how to do this. I appreciate the instructions, carl123, which I tried to follow twice and finally succeeded the third time. Three times ... a charm! vkyr, thank you for the video clip. That is a great help as I am still unfamiliar with terminology and tools onboard this program. The previous publishing program I used, ReadySetGo!, is no longer available in updates for the Mac but only PCs. It was not nearly as comprehensive as this one is. I DO like this one! My husband has Affinity Photo to replace Adobe Photoshop. I do not have Affinity Designer. We are retired teachers and now use programs for our own interests. After our old computer died, we are now adjusting to these new programs. I have many pages of genealogy composed on my old Ready,Set,Go! program that are backed up as PDF documents. Do you know if those are editable on Affinity Publisher? I did buy PDF Expert to do this task, but wonder if it is possible here. Thank you, v_kyr, and carl123, for taking this on. You are both good Samaritans!