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  1. That's what I'm working on now. No idea how the heck I did that... Thanks for checking. ~C
  2. Hi Folks- Not sure if I'm missing something here, but I worked on this file in the prior beta and each component was capable of being modified individually. In the current version I cannot figure out how to separate the image into its constituent parts. Any suggestions? Much obliged! ~Chip color.afpub
  3. Hi JBOM- I just saw this on the FAQ thread... thought it might have some bearing on your question... Is there anywhere I can download a cheat sheet showing the shortcuts for Affinity apps? Yes there is! You can download a full list of default shortcuts for the Affinity apps in this Affinity Spotlight article (where you will find printable PDFs and also the Affinity Designer source files for English and German keyboards in case you want to include your own customized shortcuts).
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    Introduce Yourself

    Fabuous! Thanks!
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    Photo and Designer not found

    Hi Patrick! Great to "hear" from you! Austria? :-p j/k I would appreciate it. /cheers!
  6. I am not sure I get it. I draw an ellipse, change to brush, set properties with a 75% size variance, but the ellipse still shows as one solid line, no variance. I thought this was the right thread for understanding brush controls, but I am still missing something vital. Advice on where to look? Thanks, ~C
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    Photo and Designer not found

    @Paul Martin PP2 here. I missed PP1 by a couple months. I remember talking to Dale (and eventually Patrick) back in the dark ages... Good to know I'm not the onliest one. TTFN
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hey Folks! I am Chip. I have been using Serif since the days of PP2. I have a BIG box of old software and user manuals! I used to be part of the beta test crew til the switch to Affinity - RL rears its head! btw - I cannot seem to figure out how to change my profile picture... Am I missing somet'ing or is this just disable for new Affinity Forum users? TTFN ~Chip