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  1. mattitfi

    Timelapse of making artwork

    Hey Jules, I'm not 100% what you meant but I'll show how I make those "clouds"... So I use Affinity's "Spray-8" brush (Spray-paint brushes), with Smudge brush tool: So basically I make a white areas with "normal" brush, then smudge it with the spray brush. I hope this helps
  2. mattitfi

    Timelapse of making artwork

    I've started to do some live-streaming as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZi4z6jJKbM That's recording from today's session, with normal speed of course...
  3. mattitfi

    Timelapse of making artwork

    Ah I see, you're right about that part... The only thing is that sharing the videos with normal speed would easily get boring for those who just want to see the creation progress, from start to finish...