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  1. computeartnerd

    Days Gone - my poster (contest)

    Good job, what country is that Italy?
  2. computeartnerd

    Affinity Designer newbie Progress

    You should give it another go, we learn from our mistakes by not repeating them
  3. computeartnerd

    Affinity Designer newbie Progress

    Here is my panther attempt, I was going to start over as the mistake I made was not to make the panther out of shapes making the colouring in and manipulation of colour too difficult to pull off well, however I decided to salvage it as best I could so I could move on to other projects.
  4. computeartnerd

    Affinity Designer newbie Progress

    I'm new to AD and working through the workbook I thoroughly recommend it for anyone wanting to get to grips with AD, just playing around with the software is unlikely to cut it you need to be taught somewhat and the workbook is great for that. I'm really enjoying reading through the book and I'm currently on the second illustration project (reflected skyline) having messed up the first project somewhat but I guess that is to be expected however the panther wasn't the easiest first project I don't think.
  5. computeartnerd

    affinity beginner

    Thanks thats a relief and a help
  6. computeartnerd

    affinity beginner

    I'm not sure that helps I guess I have to go back and create shapes out of my lines. No shapes no colour apparently in affinity.
  7. computeartnerd

    affinity beginner

    Thanks for your help. Now I'm trying to colour in my drawing, I find affinity quite tricky doing this as its vastly different from when I used to use MS paint which was simply click where you want to fill on the artwork in with a bucket of paint and hey presto. The book says after colouring in the eyes on the face to colour in the rest of the shapes on the panthers body. I wasn't aware I was meant to be making shapes. Perhaps its the way I used the pen tool but what I'm left with is a series of separate lines on the layers panel, no shapes! How am I to colour in the panther?
  8. Hello I'm currently reading through the Affinity designer workbook and have started the first illustration project the panther and I'm stuck already. The curves in pen tool do not appear to be doing what the are supposed to. After doing a few curves the curve no longer starts as a straight line to be manipulated but as a curve that does not follow the sketch as you would what. I have attached a screenshot to help explain. Also I created a new layer and used a green pencil to highlight the areas and to my surprised when I went back to the panther curves layer and tried to continue with the curves the colour snapped to green! ( as shown on the leg) I'm not impressed by this am I doing something wrong? Why is it doing this?