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  1. thats it, look at the positives. i actually did my own version of the eyes, he kept looking cross eyed when i copied the book.
  2. when you select a layer, on the right hand side in the strokes option i think it is, theres a white box with a red diagonal through it, that hides the strokes.
  3. Not had much free time, heres my panther. he lost an ear in birth, and his legs fell off but hes here.
  4. I will be doing, as soon as a free up abit of time. Next week most likely.
  5. yours is really good. the mistake i made was not to seperate everything into layers, so when i went to add the black it became a mess. not sure if i saved it lol Edit* I didnt save it..
  6. i too made a real mess of the first project. i was hoping to get it refinished and post it here the day i created this post but ended up really busy. what ever it turns out like on my next attempt, im going to just share it
  7. I wanted to start a topic for everyone new to affinity designer who's working through the work book or just teaching them selves the basics to upload your highs, lows struggle and flow of your progress or any help some of the senior users would be more than welcomed
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