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  1. Could it be that it´s just because you choose a relatively low resolution? I just increased the pixel *10 (so effectively *100) in the preferences and also scaled to whole vector image up. Now I personally can´t figure out any pixelation anymore.... Somehow i can´t upload my JPG Export although it is just 1,5MB and crisp and sharp but you can just export it yourself ^^
  2. I think your layer was´t selected. In the attached video I showed the two cases. 1. Layer is selected by default > Impainting brush works 2. I deselected the layer and the Imprinting brush does´t know where to impaint (haha) 2.1 select the layer and the brush works fine again Note: you can see that a Layer is selected when it´s blue Hope you enjoy the Affinity products :)
  3. Is there a way to accomplish a similar workflow or at least the same result? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeEt7IQ_tYI#t=13m50s Thanks!
  4. I've got a question regarding the updates. As far as I know the App Store does not support payed updates? So is everybody going to have to buy the complete new version? Or is there a way for payed updates which I haven't discovered yet?
  5. Maybe you could think about creating a new section in the forum which would offer an easy solution for browsing through all those amazing artworks. My rough plan would be to extract all images from the "share your work" section and then present them in a separate (grid) view. ....just in case this might not take up to much time ;) Peace (y) :)
  6. ok actually I´m quite tall so this made me laugh out loud :D That sounds fine. I wanted to use this feature for embedding a document into a presentation environment but was´t able to place it there without applying distortion. Of course there is the ability to manually embed the picture but well, that´s sort of inconvenient to repeat several times. BUT, no complains, looking forward to the future (to the feature) ;)) Peace (y) :)
  7. Could you make it possible to apply perspective distortion (not only skewing) to an embedded document? When I apply perspective distortion it converts the embedded file into a normal PNG or what so ever normal placed file. Would this be possible, sort of low hanging fruit? ;) Peace (y)
  8. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9120-crop-mark-in-affinity-old-school-way/?hl=bleed maybe this is going to work out for you?
  9. http://www.on1.com/products/browse9/ ok thank you for your suggestion and actually they don´t look that uncool. Anyhow it´s not that neat as that I would like to spend 29$ on it (or even 59$). I´ve still got my CC Abo till Christmas and Bridge does the Job quite well. (except that it always stabs itself as soon as I accidentally open a tiny video :D haha - on a beast of an iMac - I still can´t believe this bad programming :D haha) Hopefully Affinity comes up with a Preview Solution till Christmas in which case I would even pay 50$ ;))
  10. -10mm or px should act as an absolute property /1.1 should resize relative to the last transformation IMO it does not make sense that the -10mm input is seen as a relative property and resized after every transformation .... If i resize an object it could be a relative or absolute input. I would choose to leave it as a relative input. Peace (y)
  11. This Feature is already on the roadmap https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/ Chears
  12. Will it (or is it somehow already) be possible to perspectively distort an embedded document? I tried it but the embedded document was changed to a normal "picture" and was no longer linked....
  13. yes ok you will do your job and find a good solution. IMHO my suggestion would be absolutely enough und just perfect but I also see that others have other options. Peace (y)
  14. In pages there is a shortcut to copy the Font/ Size etc of a section and past it to another one! (Word does this with a sort of "brush" icon, maybe there also is a shortcut) And googleDrive has also implemented this in his online Editor. I just really find this feature incredibly helpful and I´m sure you would think so too! This feature would suite Designer very well but would be also useful in the Photo Application. It would be also absolutely perfect in the coming Publisher Application which I already can't wait to use B) Peace out (y)
  15. +1 haha :D same happened to me! it really stressed my nerves but after 1h searching in every corner of the menu i finally found it :D I accidentally activated it by using the shortcut, but dindn´t know i had used it since i didn´t knew it existed :D haha peace out !
  16. +1 pretty neat idea to handle social media as a category alongside with devices and web (y)
  17. I don´t want to download this third party tweak tool since i´m not using microsoft but Mac! But I really have to say that it´s quite a bit annoying that [ ] does not work on German Keyboards! It would be nice if you would fix that, just an option to select Ä# oder ü+ or something like that instead of [ ].
  18. Actually I´ve seen it some time ago, but didn´t remember it when I was thinking about performance on a Mac ! Although thank you again for this hint !
  19. just read the new Affinity Review and want to quote Matt Priestley „Making the pan and zoom feel so smooth was a massive challenge – I’ve spent such a lot of time on getting this to ‘feel’ right. I started off by writing it for the iPad 2 to make sure that a CPU-starved device would still deliver a great experience, then implemented it on OS X and kept on fine-tuning and benchmarking until we got it to ‘feel’ right.“ Auszug aus: Serif. „Affinity Review #2.“ iBooks. With this in mind i think we could close this thread :) cheers!
  20. I think everything is archivable with OS X, I just don´t want to push the expectations to high. Star ratings and albums/ maybe a timeline view would be nice as an AddOn...
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