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  1. Hi Alex :-) Thanks for replying! The coverage map works! FYI, it was the only thing that worked for antialiasing occured even when I used exct intended sizes on a pixel grid. THANKS :D!!! So helpful.
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to disable font aliasing so that I can use Pixel fonts? Pixel Fonts as in Any help would be great :-)
  3. Thanks MBd and Ronnyb :-)!!! I will give those things a shot. I was using "Best View" but I already had dither and precise clipping turned off. I have changed to nearest neighbour. I already had Use Hardware OpenGL on, but I have also turned on Use only integrated GPU. THANKS so much :-) I will give it a whirl and see if it improves.
  4. Hi there, Is there any way to lessen the strain on my Mac Book when I'm using AP? I currently edit photos at 3000x4000pixels and my 2013 rMBP can get up to 70 and 80 degrees when I use the lasoo for large areas. In order to prevent my mac melting down, I use iStat Menus and set my fan speed to medium whenever I use AP. Doing so keeps my mac at a steady 40-50degrees. But I would prefer not to have to do this, as I guess I'm wearing out my mac's fans by always having them on medium when I use AP. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers
  5. Thanks for replying MBd and onamac :-) Yes, "smart object" is the term I was looking for :)! I hope to hear from more people, as this has puzzled me for a while
  6. Hi there, In Photoshop, you can adjust a layer or image individually by using the whole CTRL+T thing, and you can make it bigger, smaller etc. However, the image only gets rescaled when you press enter or accept the changes. I was wondering if this was also the case with Affinity. I get the feeling that each time I play around with the sizing that AP is actually resampling that raster layer in real-time. Therefore if I play around with a component in a layered image, each time I adjust it it gets downscaled or upscaled. Is this true? Or... do the changes only kick in when I descelect the image? I hope I explained this adequately? :-) Additionally, can I turn raster elements into individual objects that do not get resampled each time I rescale them? I forgot what the term is for that. But it's like making a selfcontained object Any help would be great
  7. arundel22

    Unwanted blurring when merging pixel layers

    Sent a file to the support email :D
  8. arundel22

    Unwanted blurring when merging pixel layers

    Hi Meb, Okay. The next time I have this problem I will stop what I'm doing and send you a copy :-) I cannot send any files right now as they are merged and useless. But I will definitely send you the partially merged file the next time it happens. I'll have to send a series of files as I progressively resave under a new filename and continue working (i.e. image1, image1a, image1b) Thank you for being so friendly and helpful :-)
  9. arundel22

    Unwanted blurring when merging pixel layers

    May I also ask if you have tips of how to improve the end result? In some cases I cannot go back to an earlier version since I have progressively merged to reduce hudnreds of layers. I have thought that perhaps I can add noise to lower the visual effect
  10. arundel22

    Unwanted blurring when merging pixel layers

    Hi Meb, Unfortunately I can't actually upload the exact file since it's for a client, and I'm not sure I have permission. But I have generated a mockup of the sort of effect I get. Here it is in the attachment. The second lower image with the slight blur is what I'm getting. Notes: + I actually do not use any blur filters in my projects + The effect is subtle so I don't notice it until hours into a project when I compare to an earlier version + I now eyeball my canvas every time I flatten or merge or do anything like that I hope this helps. I hope I'm not the only one with this issue.
  11. Hi there, I have discovered that occasionally when you merge pixel layers the overall merged result can get blurry. I have noticed this a few times, but have found that constantly rasterizing pixel layers (regardless of whether they need to be rastered) can avoid this. But sometimes I forget. Is this normal?
  12. Hi there, Does anyone know of a paint effect filter that I can use within AP. I don't mind buying a proper PS filter if I know it will work in AP. Any help would be great. Cheers!
  13. Hi there, I was thinking about buying the Super Spray plugin ( trying it in AF, but I wasn't sure if it would work. Has anyone tried the plugin on AF? It is 20 dollars, so its a bit of a gamble spending that money and finding it doesn't work. Best wishes