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  1. This is in the regular app...not Beta. It happens in all documents, all unit measures. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26959-huge-performance-issues/ Not isolated unfortunately.
  2. I just logged this bug. For me the stuttering starts when Rulers are turned on. Turn "Show Rulers" off and everything is good.
  3. For a few weeks now I've been struggling with a massive stuttering issue in AD. I couldn't figure it out for the longest time. I found many articles online with people recommending doing all sorts of random things...none of which helped. In this forum someone suggested holding alt or ctrl key while starting up the app to reset it. That worked. So when I started it back up, I noticed my Rulers were not showing... turned it on, and Kapow! Stutter! Massive amounts of stutter. Turned Rulers off again, and all is good. Please tell me this is being fixed.
  4. I tried using the '.' full stop to cycle the bounding box. I can't get this to work properly, obviously I'm doing something wrong. I'd love to see a demonstration of this. In my experience the bounding box just kept cycling between more fractions.
  5. Ben that is great advice thanks, it works great. Just seems odd that there is a Preset for UI Design, yet it creates the most unwanted side effects for ui design. When you design interfaces, the last thing you need is blurry assets when exported. Obviously while in vector everything looks great, but once exported, if your co-ordinates or sizes contain fractions then you are screwed.
  6. Thanks A_B_C that did help a bit. The half pixels that this setting creates only happens on objects though. There's still the problem with objects that snap to text layers and this is what creates the other fractions.
  7. I'm using the ui design snapping preset, and I've played around with the tolerance as well with no change in the following behaviour. Even drawing the simplest rectangle object on the canvas creates fractions within the width, height as well as x & y axis values. When you draw these objects on a blank page you won't see this bug, but as soon as you have a few more layers, lets say with a text blocks on the page and maybe an image here and there, as you draw an object 50% of the time you get whole values, the rest of the time the snapping guides will target the other objects on the page a force align my drawn object to it but by creating a fraction value within the width, height, x & y axis.
  8. First time using Affinity Designer to design a larger project for web. This draft view attached is of a personal blog site to come.
  9. Thanks Matt! Appreciate you replying. I'm very happy to hear about Artboards going in soon :) I can understand not putting a specific date down for the reasons you mention above. What is scaring me though is that you mention having to work on Photo as part of the delay. Now I'm wondering how you guys are gonna cope with all the needed features when you still have to split the work on Photo and now the new Publisher as well. It seems like we will start waiting for features a lot longer in future. Thank you for your invite to send you an email. I do want to get involved here, so I'll get on top of it right away.
  10. Thanks MEB, I can understand that. Building products is hard. It is also hard for us to keep up with what's out there right now. If for example we need to wait very long for certain features, we tend to just go with what we have right now, whether that is broken somehow or not. When you buy a ton of licences for a design team, then you at least want to know what you will get and by when so that you can make informed decisions.
  11. I find that straight forward transparent communication about deadlines work much better than keeping everybody guessing. In Affinity Review issue 2, there was an interview with Matt Priestley where he states and I quote "People are generally very forgiving if you're just actually honest and humble". Not answering these simple questions, or broadly just ignoring the topic of release dates is not being honest or humble. In the same interview, Matt says that they will "start looking squarely at UI/UX designers." , this was in May I believe, it is almost November now. Features like artboards & pages, grids and smart guides are pretty much the core of what UI designers need. Affinity Designer remains largely useless (for UI Design) without these. Yet I've already committed to buying this software. All I'm asking for is some insight into when we can expect these features incorporated. At least humour me with some ballpark estimates.
  12. It would be great to get some answers from you Affinity guys about what & when you are planning to ship these features targeted at UX & UI Designers. Obviously you all know that market is pretty large right now, and that we need more than just Sketch. A few months ago I sat down with the devs from Bohemian Coding, they came to our offices to demo some latest features and to get insights into our workflows. I laid down a few things that are essential for UI Design specifically, and specifically in the areas of grid making, nested grids, bitmap tools etc. Unfortunately these guys didn't care to actually implement many of these features they came out to chat about, or even fix major bugs that were holding us back. I hope the Affinity Team will be different. Transparency is key, and the UX / UI Designer community would like to be involved.
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