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  1. Again, nobody is listening. THE ORIGINAL PICTURE QUALITY IS BETTER THAN THE QUALITY OF THE IMAGE AFTER IT IS IMPORTED INTO THE EDITOR BEFORE ADJUSTMENTS AND THE QUALITY IS SO BAD, ADJUSTMENTS ARE NOT CORRECTING THE LOSS OF QUALITY. NOT ONE OF YOUR EDITS MATCHES THE IMAGE QUALITY OF THE ORIGINAL PHOTO. What difference would it make which camera I use? The original is better than the image that gets loaded on to Affinity before edits. Feel free to throw me off the forum for telling Affinity to fix it or die, I had no idea Mr Affinity was an actual person who I could offend and quite frankly I've lost all interest. No wonder the app is starting to get bad reviews.
  2. Thanks folks but I need an editor that loads the picture at least close to what is seen from original and not have to put in more work than should be necessary. Sadly, none of the quality of these edits improves on the DNG(the file linked underneath not the JPG you can all see) It's plain that the original unedited DNG is a clearer better defined image. I make no apologies whatsoever to anybody just because they don't like me complaining. I don't have money coming out of my ears and if they want to take it personally because somebody might not be boosting Affinity or their ego, tough. Also, telling me I won't get better from a phone completely misses the point, you can get decent photos from worse and cheaper cameras and deletable dross from full frame pro. I thought even amateurs understood that. I want an editor that doesn't load the picture worse than the original and sends it back to file with quality missing. Even windows basic photo editor doesn't do that. No matter how much, or little, I pay, my money is not for making my pictures worse.
  3. My DNG photo is loading with all the shadow detail gone and has no relation to the quality of the original picture I wanted to edit. What loading on to affinity has done is to make my picture so awful that no amount of edits could improve it. It render your editor as unusable. Fix it or die, Affinity. I do not expect to have to come on here because your app destroys the photo before I've even so much as begun. It's a lousy update. Here's the original DNG photo and the developed and exported jpg version with no edits from me after I gave it to Affinity IMG_20200204_154301.dng
  4. Thanks folks but now the elipse selection tool won't scale down to the size of the moon(like it did before) and just disappears when I take my hand of the drag. The selection stays when it's over a certain size but I can't refine the shape to fit because it's too big. I've had enough, if the tools won't even work consistently, instructions are pointless so I give up.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to select a small feature of my photo to make brighter(moon) so I zoom in, click selection brush tool, then go to work with selecting. However, I can never get this quite right, so I select "invert selection" to go at selecting the shape from the other side. A soon as I try to use it and touch on the edges of my selection the whole thing vanishes. Basically, this means I can only select the shape from inside of it and my hand just isn't steady enough to get this right, so the task cannot be done. Is this a limitation of this tool when it comes to making smaller selections in a photo? Is there a way around this? Or can it simply not be done, so I can't brighten a moon in the sky of my picture? IMG_5526.CR2
  6. Hi Dwight, thanks. Defringe and select colour did the trick, there was also a slight loss of detail which was put right with a pull on the clarity button. Would be nice if the photo uploaded as it was in the file, though. I know it's not an unusual phenomenon with artificial blue light in nightshots, but it would make a little less work.
  7. The windows of my photo are blue in the original. Every time I open it in Affinity it adds horrible pink/violet patches to it which I can't get rid of. You previously claimed that photos were uploaded in their original state. This clearly isn't the case. I would upload the pictures for comparison but it won't upload the jpg. because "there is a problem in processing".
  8. Ok, thanks for your replies, but I'm past the 14-day thing, and I'll be honest, I can still use it, but just not on certain kinds of images requiring certain kinds of fixes. Here's an image for example, where I just want to wipe off the green "danger" label on the right hand bar. Although I was expecting it to be a straightforwars inpainting or maybe cloning adjustment the results I'm getting are extremely messy and unusable. What is it I'm missing? Tried to upload jpg, by the way, but couldn't. Here's the RAW file, anyway. IMG_3337.CR2
  9. Firstly, no. It's quicker to use another free app to get the edit I want, than to make screenshots or videos and wait for your solution. You not heard of this problem where the photo in Affinity bears no resemblence to the photo that goes back to the files, or vice versa? Right now I'm looking at another photo that has just loaded on to affinity with massive purple fringing that most certainly is not on the original file. Doesn't fix moiré either, in fact, adds it, instead, in some cases. Oh here's another example of it ignoring me. No matter how often I follow the instruction flag of "press alt and click" whether on background or layer(there is no layer on the pic I last tried it on) the clone tool simply will not clone. Dead as a dodo, it's just a moving circle that does nothing. It worked at first but then decided not to without making any adjustments or new setting. That "powerful" inbrush tool, doesn't work with straight lines or regular patterns. The clone tool might help out there, oh wait...
  10. Too often this app ignores you. I make a change, I send it to a destination, it asks me if I want to replace the previous file, I click yes, then go to the folder and it doesn't have the change. Also, too often the image does not retain the edit when exported. Really wish I hadn't wasted my money.
  11. I'm gettin moiré. In fact Affinity loading RAW and exporting jpg makes it worse. Filters don't work, click apply and then moire pattern comes back afterwards. Someone said "denoise" somehere. Tried that and denoise doesn't respond.
  12. I close infinity and I'm asked to save the photo edits before I go. I do that and I receive an ".afphoto" file on my computer. I try to open that file with Affinity and I'm told the file is not supported. You heard right, Affinity doesn't support its own files. I am far from happy.
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