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  1. Working with text frames I found that in a text frame inserted on a master page and a text frame put directly on the very page the Typography function works differently. On a page with only the master page frame the Typography button gives an empty window; the Typography buttons in the Character tool will only work to a certain extend: e.g. the Small Caps button does not give the possibilities that the Typography Button in the context menu gives (Normal, All Caps, Caps to Small Caps, Small Caps and All Small Caps), neither there are any Figure features to switch on (e.g. Figure Old Style). This is also the case with text on both pages, as one running story with the same text style and paragraph style. Normally it is not an important issue; but for master pages meant for magazines including text frames (e.g. with 3 and 5 columns) it might become troublesome. Met vriendelijke groet: Harja Blok / The Netherlands Affinity Publisher Beta; Windows 10 Home 1809; 8 Mb RAM
  2. Dear cat lovers of Affinity Publisher Beta, This comment is about the cat tool in Affinity Publisher Public Beta (under Windows 10 Home 1809; 8 Gb RAM) It was a great and joyful surprise to discover the cat tool – just on my birthday ! (I’m from 1945) However, the tool is a rather hidden affair and has an elusive attitude. The help function says about the cat tool: “To use the Cat shape tool, you must hold the Alt key as you open the Shapes flyout. Affinity Cat will be available in the list.” It doesn’t. Pressing the Alt key (left) and the shapes fly-out simultaneously results in a fly out and a fly in of the list of shapes within 1/10 of a second but no cat tool. I managed to put the tool separately into the toolbar and assigned a key stroke to it, but that doesn’t work either (I choose Q but other characters failed as well). Pressing the Affinity Cat pictogram shows the key stroke but the program itself does not obey. I can live with the workaround but the tool is now embarrassingly public to be seen. I consider the whole case rather disappointing, but maybe it is me myself to be blamed as we do have around our house a so called LAT-cat. The animal (a stray one) came this summer and I fed it with ham and bacon and since then it comes every day in the window sill and looks very accusingly into our living room until we feed it once more. It disappears after the meal in the great open to come forward the next day for its daily meal. Hence the LAT-prefix (live apart together). Some people (not the cat) think my behavior crude. If I change my attitude towards the animal should the cat tool in Affinity Publisher will work like the suggestion in the help file? You gentlemen, self declared cat lovers, should have an idea about it. Let it know the Publisher Beta community in general and me in particular. Met vriendelijke groet: Harja Blok The Netherlands
  3. Geacht forum: At first I had a problem with the Dutch SpellCheck and Hyphenation in Publisher Beta but solved it. C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\nl_NL with the three files nl_NL dic works well for Affinity Designer (no hyphenation) but not (yet?) for Publisher. Spell Check (Dutch) did not work in Publisher; no Dutch language mentioned in the spell checker (it showed German; English UK and English US; Spanish Int.; French; Italian; Portuguese Braz.). Hyphenation: the same languages plus Latin (!) but no Dutch. I found that pasting the map «nl-NL» with: hyph_nl_NL.dic nl_NL.aff nl_NL.dic straight into «C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\Dictionaries» next to the languages above mentioned works very well; no problems with spell check and hyphenation any more. Congratulations with a great program ! I worked in the late seventies with Quadritek and Compugraphic; switched to Windows: Aldus PageMaker, Adobe Pagemaker; Quark XPress; Indesign (CS2); Serif PagePlus up to X9 and I am now very happy with Affinity Publisher. Affinity Publisher Public Beta Windows 10 Home 1809 | 8 Gb RAM Harja Blok Doesburg - The Netherlands