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Harja Blok

About text frames on master pages

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Working with text frames I found that in a text frame inserted on a master page and a text frame put directly on the very page the Typography function works differently. On a page with only the master page frame the Typography button gives an empty window; the Typography buttons in the Character tool will only work to a certain extend: e.g. the Small Caps button does not give the possibilities that the Typography Button in the context menu gives (Normal, All Caps, Caps to Small Caps, Small Caps and All Small Caps), neither there are any Figure features to switch on (e.g. Figure Old Style). This is also the case with text on both pages, as one running story with the same text style and paragraph style.

Normally it is not an important issue; but for master pages meant for magazines including text frames (e.g. with 3 and 5 columns) it might become troublesome.

Met vriendelijke groet:

Harja Blok / The Netherlands


Affinity Publisher Beta; Windows 10 Home 1809; 8 Mb RAM

master page AP.jpg

normal page AP.jpg

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